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Where it happened: Korea
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Category: Straight

I had been in the Air Force for s, and I ended up taking a tour in Korea for 12.

There was a small cluster of bars outside the Kunsan AB, called A Town. We used to go down there drinking and partying all night long on the weekends. I’d say roughly 75 percent of the guys on base would go down there, get themselves a prostitute for the night or some of them would shack up with the women for their whole time there.

I had been partying all night, and was pretty drunk, when some Korean bar girl comes up and starts talking to me. It was late and the bars were getting ready to close..like 4am or something. I decided for some reason..sure..let’s do it. So I paid her, off we went to her place, and as drunk as I was, I just told her to spread her legs, and I popped it in. I think I lasted about two minutes and blew my load. And it was a cold fuck, no emotion, empty.

Over the years, I’ve really regretted doing that. Although I’ve been with many women, and I’m very talented orally, I would have given anything to take that day back. To have had sex with someone I loved, not just someone.

I remember this girl in HS, I used to fantasize about her a lot…but past is past, and we live our lives. I now have herpes, given to me by I don’t know who, some girl here in Louisianna. But I have met this wonderful woman, and I do love her a lot…so life does turn out good, even if you’ve been bad 🙂 🙂

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