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12 year old on 17 year old!

Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: On My Bedroom Floor
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

This is the most unbelieable experience of my life. It all started when I was having my 12th birthday sleepover. I had 2 girls sleeping over, and my 17 year old brother had 2 friends over too. I had just got into puberty and my cunt started getting hairy and it felt good when I rubbed it. My mum was out for the night and my 17 year old brother and his 2 friends were left to look after me. We decided to go to bed at ten and I started feeling kind of horny. My friends and I started playing truth or dare when my brother walked in to ask if he can borrow a CD of mine. I said why not play our game of truth and dare? He accepted and came in with his friends. It was pretty boring till I saw one of my brothers friends staring at my breasts. One of my friends noticed it and dared him to undo my bra. I was shocked, but accepted and undid them. My now hard nipples stuck through my tight shirt. Nothing really happened for the rest of the night until about 10:30 when we decided to go to sleep. We all decided to sleep in the same room. About 10 minutes later I felt a hand go down my sleeping bag and rest at my belly button. I started to shiver in horniness. I wispered something and I heard one of my brothers friends say “Quiet, take of your pants”. I obeyed and soon felt 2 fingers down in my cunt. I froze, almost felt as if I was coming to what I know now as an orgasm. I was sweating like a pig and my cunt felt so good. I heard him fumble around into my sleeping bag. I thought I might join in so I put my hand down his pants. His hard cock was throbbing. I rubbed it till he said “I’ll save that for your cunt”. He then took his and my clothes off of what was left of them. He moved his hard pole to my pussy and inserted his cock into my wet pussy. It only took a few thrusts till he came to. My pussy was full of his cum and it started running down my leg. I tried to keep my orgasm down, but it was hard. We continued for 10 minutes till we stopped. For the rest of the night I was leaking his cum.

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