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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Alright, im gonna tell you the first time i had sex. Me and this girl were going out for about three months, she lived in a fucked up family where nobody cares what they do. Her sister was just sixteen and she already had two kids. Anyways, It was one Saturday evening and I was at home watching T.V. when she called and said her dad just had left out of town. Her mom had died when she was five. Her two sistersd and one brother were at the movies. My dad was at work and my mom was with my aunt, so i went over. Since it was summer, the sun had already set. As i aproached her house i realized every light was out. When i knocked she answered in a spaghetti string strap and some very short shorts. We both walked towards her room and she said she was gonna go change into something more comfortable. As she left into the bathroom, someone walked in her house. I got really freaked out by this, but then i calmed down as her sister walked in. She said where was her little sister and i told her she went to go change. She walked over to the drawer and pulled out a comdom and handed it to me. I asked if zinnia she was a virgin and she said probably. She handed it to me just in case this was the time. Her sister grabbed her baby bag and left. Zinnia came out in a white robe and asked who was i talking to. I quickly got a hard on. I said her sister and she asked if she had giving me a condom. I said no, just to see if zinnia would give me one. Then i would know if this was it. Surely enough, she walked over to the drawer and pulled one out She threw it on me and said to go put it on. When i got up, my hard on was noticible, as i walked over to the bathroom she said to stop. She came over and kissed me as she unzipped my pants. She bend down and pulled down my pants along with my boxers revealing my huge hard on. She began to suck in no time. I began to moan as i cumed in her. She swallowed hard.By this time, i was so excited i threw the condom on the flor and picked her up and sat her on the edge of the bed. She took off my shirt as i removed her robe revevaling her nice soft breasts and her wet vagina. I removed my pants and kneeled down. I began to kiss her wet vagina. Then i started to lick it with my tongue, I began to eat her out by licking her clit. By this time we were both naked. So i laid her on the bed and i got on top of her. I asked if it were her first time and she said yeah. I told her it was my first time too but i had watched enough pornos so i knew what to do. I laid myself on top of her and stopped as i felt my tip of my penis touch the entrance of her vagina. She said to stick it in. I pulled back and jerked it in hard. She let out a loud scream so i began to pull out but she said not to. She said to op her cherry. I pulled back and pushed in for about four times before we both heard a rip. We made love for about twenty minutes.

A month later, she called me and said she had missed her period. I got really freaked out. Last time i heard of her, she had moved to California. Nine months later i received a cal from her, she said she had giving birth to a baby bboy. Up to this day, I regret having ot meet her.

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