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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: in my room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I have heard my friends talk about being in love, and I have heard about it at the movies, but this is the first time I have ever thought that I might be. I have this friend that I have known for 2 years since we both joined the wrestling team at school. He is in the 112-118 pound gourp and I am in the 124-132 group. So we never had to wrestle with each other. Mostly, we just hung around together and went to each other’s house to do homework. Both of our parents work, so we help each other do our afterschool chores and then play games on the computer or do homework. Sometimes we wrestle around and practice what we learn, but he’s a little stronger and mostly wins.
One day after a short day at school, we went over to his house because it was hot and he has a swimming pool. We got there and his older sister had some friends over already swimming. We thought about leaving, but they told us it was ok. I didn’t have a suit, but my underwear looks enough like speedos to get away with it, so I just left them on and dove in. Unfortunately, underwear that looks like speedos doesn’t have ties, and the girls were soon teasing me about my bare ass. The girls wanted to play this game where two people get on the others’ shoulders and then they face each other and the top people try to knock each other off into the water. The first few rounds were boys against girls, so Blake, being lighter, got on my shoulders and fought for the title. After a couple of rounds, I noticed that he kept grabbing for the tie strings of their bikinis and we both got great views of his sister’s friends. A couple of them even untied their tops and loosened their bottoms to sunbath without tan lines.
Before long, I noticed that I could feel Blake’s dick against my neck when he was on my shoulders. Once I looked to the side and was met by his almost hard penis right on my mouth. This was really weird for me and gave me a strange feeling in my stomach.
The game got boring and we just swam around a while and played tag and stuff. Blake’s sister stole my underwear after I dove in once and made me get out and kiss each of her friends before she would give it back….but that wasn’t so bad, just a little embarrassing. Blake and I have swam many times naked and even when his sister was in the house, but this was the first time we had all gotten so brave. by mid-afternoon, Blake and I went up to his room and dried off. Blake said that I had gotten a little burned and that I should let him put some lotion on my back.
I sat there and let him, and felt really close to him as we both sat there with nothing on and he rubbed lotion on my back. After he finished with my back, he put more lotion on his hand and wrapped his arm around my ribs and asked if I wanted some on my chest too. it felt strange, but really good, so I said sure. When he started rubbing, I just relaxed back against his chest and let him rub with both hands. He rubbed clear down my stomach until he was really close to my penis, and I began to get hard and sit up, but he just said, It’s ok’, and I relaxed again and felt that he had a hard on and it was touching my back. I was feeling pretty weird about it, but it really felt good. After a while, he asked if I would put some lotion on him. I started on his back and then rubbed his chest just like he had mine. I even rubbed down on his stomach and really close to his dick and legs like he had, and he said he liked how it felt.
When I was done with his upper body, he took the lotion and squirted it at me. I grabbed his body oil and squirted back at him. It was really funny. After a few squirts each, he rushed me and started wrestling me to the floor. It felt really good to be wrestling with him. After about a half hour, we were both really tired and just flopped down on the bed next to each other. He reached over and just gently rubbed my arm and side. Then he let his hand go down to my hip and leg. He moved a little closer and kept rubbing me (we were both still oily and sweaty) and his hand cupped my butt cheek for just a second and then I felt his finger slip into my anus for just a second. He looked me in the eye and I knew that it was ok. We began hugging each other and then started kissing. It was strange at first, but then his tongue started feeling really good. We started touching each other’s dicks and then I rolled on top of him and started pumping up and down between his legs. I felt his hard on against my stomach and he kept his legs together. It took about 3 minutes until I came. And it felt so good that I told him to do it too. I loved having Blake on top of me, going up and down, feeling his dick slide through me legs. It wasn’t even gross when he came and I felt it in butt.
We toweled off and took a shower together and then went back onto the bed. He asked me if I knew what a blow job was, and I didn’t. Then He asked me if I wanted him to show me. So we lay on the bed in what he called a ’69’ and slucked gently on each other. It was the most beautiful experience that I had ever had. After we both finished each other, we just lay there in each other’s arms for a while.
Blake got really serious and asked me if I wanted to know what a girl felt like when a penis went into her. I already felt so much love for him that I knew I wanted to do this too. He used soem of the oil my butt and slowly worked himself into me. It was really uncomfortable at first, but I loved the way he felt inside me. He slowly started going up and down and groaning, which I really liked when one of his sister’s friends walked in to use the shower….she didn’t know we were still here. Blake was in his own world and in 2 minutes, we had an audience. Blake looked up at the girls and his sister and said ‘oh shit!’, but his sister just said, ‘Well, let’s see you finish’.. I was so embarrassed, I thought they would tell my parents and everyone would know I was gay. But they left and never said anything. In fact, that week end, I spent Friday and Saturday night at Blakes house and he let me feel what it was like to have that kind of sex. I think this is going to be a great friendship….and we practice our wrestling a lot now!

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