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Young and unsupervised

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: On a ski boat
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

The summer after I turned 13 my mom and I moved to a little
house by the lake. My dad died when I was six. My poor mom
worked hard to keep us with food and a place to live so she
would get home late and leave early in the morning most days.
Any way during the summer I was left home to do as I pleased.
Most of the time I would watch TV, go swimming or play with
friends but there were several lonly days with nothing to do.
About half way through summer vecation a man moved in next door.
He was about 23 and had a nice ski boat. I was really excited
when my mom told me that she had talked to him and he would be
glad to take me out in his boat when ever he got the chance.
I had learned to water ski with a friend who had moved away
about a year ago. Everything when really well for about three
weeks. He would get home from work about three in the afternoon
and usualy took me out sking. Young and immature as I was I
fell in love with this guy. No one had ever talked to me about
sex but I had learned from my friends that guys like you if they
get a chance to touch you or see you private parts as I called
them. I was fully ready or so I thought to make this guy like
me. My only bathing sute was quit a bit to small for me. It is
also fadded and streched out and sags in some places while
pulling tight in others. I had always been embarassed to weare
it ever since my mom got it wich was only one month. When I went
swimming with my friends I didn’t care but with other people it
bothered me. Anyway I decided that this would be perfect for my
mission of enticement. When jim got home that day from work
he called me on the phone and asked if I was ready to do some
sking. I told him to wait while I changed and then I would come over.
When the sute was dry it did pretty good about covering me wich
almost disapointed me.That all changed when I jumped into the water.
I put on my skies and grabed the rope jim tossed me. Ready I
shouted when the rope pulled tight. He hit the throtle and I
came up with a big wedgy. With the drag of the water my sute
became even more streached out or so it seemed. I had only
barly started to mature and had small breasts and almost
no pussy hair. When I got back in the boat and took of my lif
jacket my swimsute was sagging very low on my chest almost exposing
on nipple trying to poke its way out. My breasts turned out to
be bigger than I had thought with the sute plastered to my
skin and me being as horny as a 13 year old can get. My sute
by the way was close to see through. Down at my crotch it was
also sagging low. When Jim knelt down to take a look at a
scratch on my leg that I had gotten climbing into the boat I
knew that he could see my little clit just barly around my
swimsute wich was a little to one side. This must have gotten
him going because he pretended to be worried about my privasy
and took the strip of material that went between my legs
and spreed it out then patted it in to place against my pussy.
Now I was really horny. Desperate to get more of that kind
of attention I saw to it that my sholder strap accidently slipped
off of my shivering sholder. Jim must not have been able to
stand this any longer and he took me in his lap and began to
kiss me. Then he told me something about how adults show friendship
wich I now know was just crap. He slowly rubbed his hand on my
leg getting closser to my pussy. finnaly he just turnned me
facing away from him and slipped his hand under my swimsute.
Massaging my breasts he took of the top of my soggy swimsute
then slid his hand down around my pussy. After a couple minuts
of this he took the sute completly of and told me he was
going to make me feel real good and him to. He started putting
his finger into my clit. It hurt a lot a first but he said
he was making me a woman and I was glad to have his attention.
In just a little bit it did not hurt and I began to enjoy it.
We laid down on the blanket on the floor of the boat lifted
me up to his head and started to lick my pussy. Then he undressed
him self something I had never In my life seen. His penis was
not very bit and only hurt a little a first after his finger.
Pretty soon he came into my tiny tight clit. Then he had me
suck his penis and touched me a little more. This happened
two or three times a week until he was caught by my mom and
in the ensuing court battle was sent to jail for a long time.

One thing to remember girls never let anyone close to you.
Like I did unless you are married and If someone dosn’t like
you with out your body in their control you do not need them.

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