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Where it happened: beach
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

wow. ok. it was great.
I had been crushing on this guy for ever and finally he asked me to go to the beach with him and i said yes so we went to the beach and he stripped to him boardies and i wore my skimpiest bikini to show of my tits. (they were quite big haha, even back then) and then we were messing around in the water, and i accidentally bumped into him, and my hand brushed against his dick. it was erect. he turned, and pressed himself up close to me, and said, lets go somewhere private, aye? so we yelled that we were going for a swim, and we swam down the beach a little bit nad when we couldnt se them anymore we went onto the sand. he moaned, and said that he couldnt take it anymore, i felt kinda weird, coz i was only 12, but omg i wanted him so bad!! he pulled down the bikini bit that cover my nipples, and started to suck them…… ohhhhh wooww it was good. I moaned, and pulled down his pants, and rubed his dick. he moaned, and puled off my pants too. while he was sucking my nipples, i starrted to finger my self. i got wet so fast,,, it was crazy! then he got impatient, and told me to suck his cock off… i didnt mind!!! he cumed in my mouth like straight away, and then he cumed all over my tits and pussy , and icked it off. then he licked my pussy and fingered me, and the slowly entered his cock into me. he was so gentle it was great. when the pain went he started to pump harder and faster, and he was moaning nad i think that i was screaming for more, im not sure. we have fucked this full on many more times, he is my fuck buddy, and now my boy frind!!! great way to make it happen aye!!!

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