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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: All over the place!
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was in the back of the car with my girlfriend Lucy who was 14 and a fast developer, she already had avaerage sized breasts and the shape of a seventeen year old girl, we sat under a blanket, we where coming back from a party, it was dark and cold, we huddled up together, my dad had his head phones on cause our radio was broken, we where talking about sex, she told me how horny she got at night and how she oftern masturbated while thinking about me when she was in the shower or in bed, that turned me on, she suggested that we try it sometime, I agreed, like any 13 year old boy, I was up for it! She ran her hand over my crotch, she looked up and smiled at me as my cock rose, she undid my zip and put her hand in, we’d never done anything besides kissing before, she started rubbing, I looked at my dad, he was too busy singing and watching the road to notice anything, it felt great, she put her head under the blanket and started sucking me off, I didn’t last long, I shot hot cum into her mouth, she swallowed and wiped her mouth on the blanket, my cock went limp, I couldn’t believe the feeling she just gave me, I leant over and kissed her, she placed my hand between her legs and looked at me, I started rubbing her pussy through her panties, she lay back on the seat, her panties where getting wet, I slipped my hand down inside them, it was warm and wet, I rubbed her clit, she arched her back, I slipped a finger inside her, she let out a soft moan, I put another in and started moving them around, she burried her head on my shoulder and held me, I carried on tickling inside her pussy, then I started pushing my fingers in and out as though they where a cock, she let out soft little squeaks of pleasure, suddenly my hand started getting wetter, I’d made her cum, she then started to softly shake, I knew she was having an orgasm, I carried on finger fucking her until she was done cumming, she kissed me, and then put my fingers to my mouth, I tasted her cum, it was sweet and made me more horny, suddenly we pulled up, my dad got out, he had to get petrol, the station was empty besides, us and a few people in the shop. I decided I had to taste more of her sweet juice, I put my head under the blanket and kissed her tummy, I lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to her knees, I licked her pussy, she arched her back and moaned, so I rubbed her clit a bit with the end of my tongue, she was going wild, soon I was eating her out like there was no tomorrow, she came and I licked it all off which made her cum again, she saw my dad approaching so she pulled her panties up quickly and we sat back up.
When we got home, she lived next door to me, we let her out, I kissed her softly and went home.
I was in my room thinking about how good she tasted and how she made me cum, there was a knock on my window, I opened it up to find Lucy standing outside shivvering and crying in her nighty, I helped her in, I held her for a little while kissing away her tears, she told me she’d had an arguement with her parents and pretended to go to her room, I held her close to me, I felt good having her against me in my arms, I knew she was naked under her nighty apart from her panties, I knew it’d cheer her up if I made love to her as she’d wanted for a while, I kissed her and layed her back on the bed, she went to speak but I kissed her sweet lips again, she looked at me silently with tears on her face, I lifted her nighty to reveal her soft tanned tummy, I kissed it and slid her white cotton pantys down her legs, I took off my shirt and threw it on the floor. I could tell in her eyes she knew what was about to happen, she wiped her eyes, sat up and helped me with my pants, she leant forward and kissed me, a soft kiss turned into a long passionate french kiss, she climbed onto my lap and put her legs either side of me, we kissed some more, I was rock hard, she pushed me down onto the bed and moved to my cock, she lowered herself onto it, yelping as it went through her cherry, she sat with me inside her for about a minute and then started to work her hips, it felt unbeleivable. She moved up and down slowly on my cock, I thrust up, she pushed down, we got a rhythm going, my cock felt so good deep inside her tight pussy, she grined on me making it deeper, I needed to cum she climbed off me and sucked me off, I came in her mouth, she had cum too but I wanted to satisfy her even more, I lay her down and kissed her all over, taking her nighty off and sucking on her hard nipples, I was soon hard again and my thobbing cock was yearning to be in her warm tight pussy again, we held hands above her head, I kissed her neck and entered her again, I started off going in and out slowly with my hot pulsing cock, she opened her legs wider wrapping them around me and moaning for me to do it harder, I clenched my ass and thrust as deep as I could go, she squirmed but we still held hands above her head, she arched her back and pushed her hips up to meet my every thrust, we got into a rhythm and she began her soft yelps of pleasure that turn me on because I know shes about to cum, I went a little faster and she came, her body shook and she moaned louder, I slowed down a little to let her recover, then I started fucking her, ramming my stiff throbbing cock right up her, she let out a string of “Uuuh!”s and “Oooh!”s I kept going and she came again, I slowed down, in and out, in and out, by now she was all hot and bothered, she told me to fuck her hard, I turned her over, lifted her ass up a bit, held her legs and fucked her as hard as I could, she couldnt help but scream, I loved her orgasmic scream and fucked her harder, it was begining to hurt, I was fucking the shit out of her, she loved it, neither of us wanted to stop, I thought I could hold my erection forever, she’d cum about four times in this one fuck, But as she went to orgasm for the 5th time and her pussy tightened around my cock I couldn’t stand it any more, I shot my hot cum right inside her, I thought I’d never stop cumming, she was cumming at the same time, she let out long sexy moans, my whole body vibrated, she was so full of cum that it was dripping out down her legs and in my bed, I went down on her again and after she orgasmed again we both collapsed on the bed.
The next day she snuck home early and no one knew, before she left I had an erection from dreaming about her, I woke to her sucking my cock. We are still together now, we can’t get enough sex, sometimes we make excuses at school and I fuck her or eat her or she sucks me off in the bathroom, she jerked me off in class once, and I ate her out on the back of the school bus! We’re so horny all the time, I love nothing more than to eat her and fuck her, we made a record last night, I fucked her for four hours, all over the house, we did it in bed and then she went to the bathroom and I fucked her over the sink, then on the floor in the hallway, then I ate her on the stairs, then she rode me in the chair… god it was good! Shes amazing! Today shes walking funny!

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