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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Adult Store
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I was 17 and very curious about sex. Naturally any young male at that age is. The opportunity for my first fuck had not happened yet and I am some what shy. Up to this point the only sex that I expereinced had been some torrid masturbation sessions with my sisters undies. Some times when I was lucky I would find her soiled panties with the crotch still damp from one of her finger fuck sessions. Any way I was driving to class one day when I found myself passing the adult book store that I have often passed and thought about visiting but seemed to never be able to muster the courage to do so. I was early for class that day and was feeling a little horny thinking about the hot jack off that I experienced last night with sis’s undies. So I pulled in the parking lot and looked around to make sure no one spied me and snuck in through the door of this magnificient sex shop. Once inside I could not believe the hot sex items that were for sale and behind the counter was a sign that read sex movies 25 cents. I followed the arrows to the gallery of peep shows and could not believe the hot scenes that were being advertised at each booth. I never saw a poron before and the thought was making me extremely horny and hard. As I walked from booth to booth my cock was rock hard and I could feel the sticky flow of pre-cum dripping from the end of my cock begging for me to pull it out and give it a good whanking. I found a booth with a movie featuring young lolita type girls wearing cotton panties and many solo sex sessions. I thought that I would shoot my load right there while viewing the material and I entered the dark booth. It took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the dark, I looked around and saw a seat with a machine attached to the wall for my quarters. The screen was in front of me, a 13 inch television screen advertising the different movies. The floor felt sticky and then I realized that other horny young men have been here before me. On the wall adjacent to the screen was round hole with what appeared to be some sticky substance that had dripped from it which had me curious. I peered through the hole and saw the inside of the booth next to me. At first I was startled to think that some one could view me while watching my not so private sex show and I almost left. But as I looked up at the advertisements and saw those horny teens with their hands snaked inside theire cotton undies I decided to sit back down and enjoy the show.
As I put ten quarters into the machine I heard the door open and close to the booth next to me. I could not resist so I peeked through the hole and to my surprise I saw a young woman no more than 18 years old wearing cut offs and a tank top revealing small pert breasts with nice hard nipples protrubing through the thin material. Now my boner nearly ripped through my jeans knowing that some young horny chick was going to view a smut flick in the booth next to me and I will be able to spy on her.
My movie started and I settled back to enjoy. It wasn’t more thatn 3 minutes into the flick and the hot action started with these nubile young ladies prancing about in their cotton undies with obvious wet crotches. I unbuckled my jeans and let them drop to the floor and pulled my rock hard boner out through my jockies and slowy started to rub the wet pre-cum up and down the rigid shaft as I watched these young ladies perform their very hot solo finger fuck sessions. After a few minutes I felt as if I was being watched and then remembered the mysterious hole in the wall and peered in that direction. Low and behold peeking through that jizz covered hole was a blue eye from the girl in the booth next to me. At first I almost pushed my boner into my shorts and left but then I began to think that this is really hot so I continued to massage my throbbing cock member. I decided to give her a better show so I dropped my jockies to my ankles, stood up and slowly massaged my now bloated balls with my left hand and my swollen knob feverishly with my right hand. Boy was I hot, a fuck flick with masturbating teens in front of me and a voyeuristic teen in the booth next to me watching me pleasure myself. After a few minutes I noticed that her eye was gone and I thought that maybe she saw eonugh and left so I settled down to watch some more of the flick and finish my jack off session. Then I had the idea to look into the hole and see if she might still be there. Wow!! There she was with her cut offs around her ankles and her hands inside of her white cotton undies. Her legs were spread wide as she faced my booth and her eyes were on the screen in her booth watching two young studs double plug some young bimbo. The crotch of those innocent cotton undies were saturated with a big wet spot about the size of a baseball as I could see her fingers through the wet fabric feverishly pulling and rubbing that precious little man in the boat.
I could not take it any longer and instincively pushed my bloated cock member through the spy hole now realizing how the jizz from past sexcapades got there. It was only a matter of seconds until I felt warm wet lips engulf my straining member. So I said to myself this is what a blow job feels like! It was devine as I felt those warm moist lips, tounge, and throat slowly run up and down the length of my shaft. Then she started to suck!! My knees began to buckle as she expertly sucked and coaxed the jizm built up in my ball sack to come forth and erupt. It felt so good that I now pushed my balls through the spy hole so that she could take care of very inch of my pleasure zone. There I was with my body pushed up against the wall fucking the spy hole and watching a masturbation flick! I coudn’t take it much longer and I began to explode my jizz, it felt as if gallons of cum were erupting from my virgin cock. I heard a faint gag coming from the booth next to me but she never took her lips from my cock until every last drop of my juice subsided. This strong first time experience made me light headed so I had to pull my member from that gorious hole and sit down for a minute. I observed a small drop of come on the end of the swollen red cock head as I watched my member begin to shrink back to its flaccid state. After a few minutes I noticed something was sticking through the spy hole and when I looked a little closer I saw that it was the cotton panties that my mysterious glory hole lover was masturbating in. I pulled them through the slot and sniffed the dank wet crotch. I pulled up my jockies and jeans and stuffed the panties into my pocket thinking that I will always savor those delicate cotton undies and enoy many jack off sessions sniffing, sucking, and wearing them.

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