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When I took His Virginity

Where it happened: my room
Langauge: English
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

well, this isn’t really when I lost my virginity, it’s when i took my now boyfreinds virginity. here goes.
he came over late one night after work, knocking on my window. Of course i let him in through the back door, careful not to wake my dad, and hurried into my room.
quickly he swooped me up and tossed me onto the bed, hopping on me, going straight to making out, roughly fondeling my tits, rubbing over my pussy.
he got into grinding against me, which turned me on, feeling his hard cock against me, i pushed him over and jumped on him, grinding ontop of him while sucking his neck, twirling my tounge around.
by this time, i don’t know how, i was naked, and he lifted me up, and in a weak voice he pleaded for me to get him a condom.
quickly i grabbed that bad boy, returning to him naked, tossing me onto the bed and quickly throwing it on.
he pressed the head to my pussy, slowly letting it in as i let out a moan of pleasure, never feeling a cock so big inside me.
he let out a moan of relife and he fucked into me quickly. i felt his balls slapp against my ass and he grabbed my legs, pulling them over his shoulders, fucking down into me roughly.
i felt his cock pulsate as he came, collapsing ontop of me, kissing me, fondling my boobs, ever so greatful.

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