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what a waste

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: college
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Me and a bunch of my friends went up to visit our friend at college. Every time we went up to visit him all we did was get drunk out of our minds and go to sleep. It was a small school and there wasnt much to do up there. The girls are ugly so we never really bothered with them .Anyways, it was late in the night and my friends went to the liquor store were they meet two really ugly girls, they told them to come back to our party and they did. So me and my friends are sitting around drinking and theses two ugly girls come in, it’s 2:00am and we are all drunk out of our minds,i had already thrown up twice. I also smoked some weed and i never really do that so it hit me kinda hard. This girl was telling me how hot i was and i was joking around with her, i told her to go in the bedroom with my friend who was passed out and give him head and if she did i’d let her get on me. SHE DID IT! and comes out of the room and tells me she did it. So we go out to her car she starts giving me head, i told her i couldnt kiss her because she just blew my friend, she said okay, i dont know how it happened but we just started fucking without a condom, i had to go for at least 20 minutes because of how drunk i was, i pulled out and blew all over her stomach, i dont even remember what she looks like,I’m glad i don’t.But even though i’m a guy and wanted to lose my virginity, I didnt want to lose it a nasty bitch that i dont remember, I wanted to lose it to a beautiful girl or at at least a girl i liked, and i wanted to remember it as a good thing, none of my friends know and they never will. I was worried about having a disease for weeks later but i was okay. DON’T LOSE YOU VIRGINITY BECAUSE YOU GOT REALLY FUCKED UP ONE NIGHT

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