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Where it happened: weting my panties
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I had just wet my panties,pee driping down my leg.I pulled them off and
my pussy was still leaking.He put his finger in me and I started to
squirt over him.He sucked me amd cleaned my pussy.His cock was hard so I
took it in my mouth and sucked him till he filled my mouth full of warm
cum.I put it back in his pants and pulled mt shorts up.We did not fuck
that time but later I let him stick it in me.We were at his house and he
striped me and sucked my hard tits and pussy.I sucked him twice and then
stuck his cock in my wet pussy.He fucked me four times before he went
soft.I felt him slip out of my pussy so I put his soft cock in my mouth
and sucked him hard again.I put the head over my asshole and told him to
stick it in me.Hid head pushed in but I pulled it out and put it in my
pussy.Hw slid in me a few times and I took it and put it back to my ass
and he pushed it in me.It went deep in me and we fucked hard.He came and
I pulled it out still hard.I pulled his cock till he came all over my
hand.I cleaned his cock and had him put it back in my pussy where I kept
ti hard and fucked him pussy gripped him as I fucked,my lips sliding
over his cock,my clit long and hard as I came several times.I wen to
sleep with his cock still stuck in me pussy would not ket it out.We
fucked during the night and when I woke I still had him in me and we did
it again.When I started to cum I let a hot stream of pee out also pussy
lossened so his cock slid out of me and my hand wraped around it and he
started to pee.A jet shot out of it and wet my tits and mouth.I
swallowed some and put his cock in my mouth and he finished in it.We
spent the rest of the day in me and are still doing it.

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