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Where it happened: party
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It all started when I got invited to a friend’s party. There were a lot of kids there, most of whom I didn’t know. My friend’s folks were away, and there was quite a bit of liquor. This was before marijuana really became popular. I had never drunk more than a small glass of wine with dinner prior to that night, and I got drunk; not falling down, but totally loosened up.

This one really cute guy was paying a lot of attention to me, and I wanted him to like me because he was so gorgeous. So, when he suggested we go find someplace quiet, I agreed. We went out to his van and got in the back on a mattress with some blankets. I thought we would just kiss for a while, and didn’t really think about the other possible consequences. Truthfully, I wasn’t thinking much at all because of the liquor.

Anyway, we were kissing for a while, and he was massaging my breasts through my dress, and I was really hot. He unzipped my dress, and pulled it down from my breasts. I was wearing a bra, but it didn’t take him long to unsnap the back, and he was sucking my nipple. That was further than any boy had ever been with me.

Him sucking my nipples sent me into a dreamland. I knew I should stop him, but I didn’t want the feelings to stop, so I held his head tightly to my breast. His hands were not idle during this time, and pretty soon my dress was crumpled around my waist, and my panties had been slipped down over my ankles. All that left was my garter and nylons. That was not much protection.

His hand was cupping my mound, and his finger was sliding through my vulva, rubbing my clitoris. It didn’t take too much of him sucking my nipples and rubbing my clitoris, and I was climaxing and totally wet with my own secretions. Meanwhile, he had been busy taking off his own clothes, and he was nude on top of me.

He was between my legs, and my legs were pulled way up, with my toes curled down. I was climaxing, and he was still sucking and rubbing; but now it was his penis rubbing through my vulva. When the head of his penis slipped into the entrance of my vagina, I realized what was happening, and said, “Please don’t, I’m a virgin” just as he pushed his penis into me. He said, “Sorry, too late.” Looking back, I think his penis was about half way into me; but at the time, I thought he ws all the way into me. There was no pain, but a little pressure. I thought, “Oh well. That wasn’t as bad as i expected, but I guess it is too late now” just before he shoved the rest of his penis into me. Then it was too late for sure. The time he shoved, it felt like someone had pinched me inside, and with that, my hymen was broken. I would never again be a virgin.

He lay there for a few s on top of me, and then he was slipping his penis back out. I thought, “Wow, was that it?” But then he slid his penis back in, and pretty soon he was getting into a rhythm, sliding all the way in and out. It didn’t hurt anymore. It felt good, and my primal instincts took over my body. My hips were bearing down to meet his thrusts, my legs wrapped around his waist with my heels resting on his buttocks, and his testicles were slapping my upturned buttocks. After about ten minutes of that, he shoved his penis really deep, and held it there. I could feel his penis throbbing deep inside of me, and I said, “Oh, God no, you’ll make me pregnant!”

I tried to throw him off, but even with my struggling, his penis stayed deep inside of me until he had unloaded all of his sperm, and then he rolled off, wiped himself off, and started getting dressed. His semen was streaked with my blood, and was oozing out of my wide-open vagina onto the blankets and mattress in the back of his van.

I stuffed Kleenex into my vagina, got dressed, and he helped me go back into the house without anyone noticing the mess I was in. I went into the bathroom, threw up, and then cleaned myself up as best as I could. When I came out, I had a friend take me home, where I cleaned up my clothes, and took a long, hot bath. It didn’t do much good because I still felt dirty and used. My folks were at a party with their friends, so there weren’t any embarrassing questions that night. My mom either didn’t notice, or didn’t say anything when I had trouble walking for the next few days. To this day, I still don’t know who the guy was. Mike something, I think. He wasn’t invited to the party. Maybe some of the guys knew him, but if they did, they wouldn’t say. I never saw him again.

I didn’t get pregnant. Sometimes I wish I had, because that was the last chance I ever had to get pregnant. What he did give me was half a dozen venereal diseases. I didn’t go to the doctor when my vagina was burning a little, because I knew that he would tell my mother. He was just the family doctor anyway; not a gynecologist. A few years later, I went to a gynecologist at college, who discovered and treated my VD. Unfortunately, the diseases had damaged my reproductive system, and I was never able to have a baby. I did get married, but after a lot of trying and tests, my husband finally discovered the truth, divorced me, and married a woman who could have his children. I’ve been alone ever since.

All of this was because I got drunk and stupid at a party. There can be a lot of consequences to casual sex, even if it is your first time. Luckily, when I had my first time, AIDS hadn’t appeared, or I’m sure I would have caught that too, and wouldn’t be here to tell this story. He had every other disease possible.

So girls, if you haven’t already done it, don’t be stupid like I was. Don’t just give your virginity away without thinking. A guy, who wants to have sex with you without marrying you first, just want to play with your body like a toy for his own pleasure, and probably won’t marry you afterwards either. At the very least, you can never be sure his penis hasn’t been in some other girl’s vagina, no matter what he tells you. Some venereal diseases have no symptoms other than those similar to a mild case of the flu, and you won’t realize you were infected until it is way too late.

And don’t be fooled. Even if you think you will be just kissing, your body can be taken to a point where you do not have the ability to turn back. It can happen very quickly. It was less than an hour from the time we got into his van until the time when he took me back into the house. Wait to give your virginity to the man who will be the father of your children, and make sure that it is his first time too. Otherwise, your first time may not have a happy ending.

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