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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Wendy (age 21) had been my babysitter for years and I had seen her in various modes of dress over the years. This day she showed up to sit with me at our house wearing a “skort.” It was a sporty outfit, consisting of a very short dress with contrasting brief panties. Our high school used them as cheerleader uniforms.

After mom & dad left for an evening out, I noticed her sitting with her legs spread wide and she seem overly interested in my pajamas. I couldn’t miss noticing her “puffy” panties and her firm youthful pointed breasts.

Needless to say, I had gotten a hard-on. While not ashamed of my 6.5″ by 1.25″ upward curved fully circumcised penis, I had just begun getting hair.

I had never been shy around Wendy as she had seen me in diapers, I was taken with her tight white briefs and the hidden “puffy” treasure in them.

With my fully erect penis sticking out of my pj’s, I became even more entranced by what Wendy was concealing in her panties. Soon it became more interesting when I noticed some of her hair sticking out the sides of her briefs … and now enhanced by a darkening wet spot in the center of her crotch.

“Come here,” she said, motioning for me to get closer. I naturally moved within her reach as she wrapped her hand around my stiff, upcurved penis. “Boy, have you grown a lot since the last time I saw you,” she commented pleasingly.

As soon as I felt her touch me, I dove for her panties and began rubbing her moisting spot. Within seconds, I was in her panties urging her to take them off, while I ran my fingers over her furry mound and into her slippery opening.

Soon her panties were off, and I instinctively knew what to do next.

I had been masturbating for years alone, and with other guys. And had been sucked a couple times. Most recently I had experienced my first wet orgasms… squirting jissum halfway across my room.

With no instruction or urging, I found my way between Wendy’s spread legs, glancing at her fur-covered, moisture ladden pussy. Wendy guided my penis into herself expertly commenting on my big head.

Within three or four trusts, I was in her completely. Her hot, tight, slippery wetness, was overwhelming as I melted into her. The firy pressure in my abdomen was intense and I felt the explosing coming. Seconds later, I thrust into her as far as I could, squirting and spraying my seed … deeply. My heavy breating, pounding heatbeat, and muscular tension exploded. Two, three, four shots erupted. Five, six, seven more. Eight, nine and ten in addition, as I was left virtually lifeless as my penis continued throbbing and pulsing in her.

Wendy had felt her orgasm, too, deep and profound. For a beautiful magificent moment all the world was quiet as we languished in the purest of pleasure.

But within a minute, my smoldering fire resumed and I began thrusting in and out of her again. Increasing in intensity and depth as I pumped her again produing another overwhelming orgasm. This time, for Wendy, even more intense than the first.

As the evening continued, I filled Wendy, four more times with my love seeds … and was ready for another treat the following week.

Wendy and I continued throughout the summer doing it when ver and where ever we could (with and without condoms). Wendy eventually moved away and got married but we to this day get together every once in a while to relive those first momemts together.

I staying in the same town, got married and have raised four beautiful children (two boys and two girls). Love is beautiful.

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