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Wedding Tale

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Chicago
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

This (true) story took place at my brother’s wedding in Chicago in ’86. I was 16 at the time. I was a “good” kid, getting good grades etc with very strict parent. Nonetheless, I was less than pure, although I was technically a virgin. I was “saving” myself, but at the same time I had done 69 with my boyfriend, and had even enjoyed a threesome with my boyfriend and his best friend – they both went down on me, my boyfriend on my pussy and the other fellow (Brad) doing my first rim job. I probably had five orgasms – it was great, although my boyfriend was a little freaked out when I blew them both afterwards – including Brad.

(An aside – after that session, Brad told me he was really into it, and would do analyngus (sp?) anytime, for any length of time. Anyway, I turned him on to my best friend Anne, who is more adventurous than me, and they did regular and anal 69, and then they fucked, again conventionally and anally. She said it was incrediabley intense. Our plan next is to do Brad together – Anne and I probably won’t do more than finger each other, but wathcing Brad fuck my friend would be so cool!)

Anyway, long story short, I had the task of driving my future sister in-laws (the sisters of my brothers bride) to and from the wedding. I got to their house about 4 hours before the wedding, and they were just taking their showers. Swaer to God, they were pretty much nude for maybe three hours, until the had to dress for the wedding.

Caroline (not their names) was 18 and had just graduated from high school, Mary was a junior in college. They were both very pretty, petite, no tits, but sleek and very great faces and attitude. The wild thing for me was the fact that they were totally un-self-conscious about walking around their apartment nude, in fornt of each other and me. My family is completely different – we would never think of doing such a thing.

Anyway, after the wedding we went up their their hotel room to smoke a jay. They were in the wedding, and they immediately shed their long gowns and, since (to my amazement) were wearing nothing underneath (not even pantyhose), they again were completely nude.

They were not exactly taking lady-like poses – Caroline was sitting on a chair with her legs drawn up, so you could see everything – and Mary was lieing on the bed with one led bent, so again nothing was left to the imagination.

We smoked a joint, and frankly I was a little turned up – its hard to hang with a couple beautiful nude girls and not sneak peeks, and get a little fired up by the illecitness of it all.

Anyway, we were all pretty drunk and high, I saw Mary checking out my breasts, and she asked was bra size I had, Even at 16, I was pretty built (I developed early), and I told her “36-c”. She said, “Can I see them?”

Caroline chimed in “Take off your clothes – I’d like to see your figure”.

I felt a jolt of sexual rush – this was a new but very exciting situation with girls who were clearly more experinced than me. I got up, and going with the moment, dropped my dress and slip, undid my bra, turned around (like they do at strip clubs, I understand) and brent over, drawing my panties down my legs and giving them a good look at my pussy. In the couse of maybe four minutes, I was as excited with anticipation as I had ever been. I knew my nipples were taunt, and my pussy was wetting up radically.

In keeping with their form of exhibitionism, I got on the bed, and on my back with my legs spread took off my thigh highs. They could clearly see my now wet pussy and everything.

Mary said “come over here”. I was a little worried where this was going, but I did as I was told. She said : “bend over” which did, totally shaking, and both the girls began to feel and strole my butt. One of them (Mary, I assume) spread my cheeks so they had a perfect view of my puusy and asshole. I was just about ready to cum, I was so excited – these sorts of things didn;t happen to me!

Mary (again I assume) put one, then two, then three fingers in my pussy and began to finger-fuck me. Caroline started playing with my butt, and I came right there.

Well, that was pretty much it (after I came violently); we all masterbated watching eac other, and then I was tired so I left. We’ve never gotten togther again (I seldom see them), but we’re getting together for a extended family reunion in May, and Caroline has asked if I would like to take a day at a spa with her and Mary. I honestly don’t know what’s in store, but from her converstaion we may be reliving old times. True story.

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