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Wedding Night

Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: Hotel
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

What a time. Being engaged for a year we were so horney now that
it was our wedding night our time was here. We had just gotten married
at a wedding chapel in Reno, Nevada and now we were in our hotel
room at Circus Circus hotel. My bride Jenifer was a very sexy seventeen
with a body to die for. Now we were clawing at each others clothes
and quickly we were naked together. I had a awsome hard erection as
I pulled Jenifer down on to the bed and then we were franticaly kissing
feeling our love parts when Jenifer spred her legs and said “DO IT” and
spred her legs for me exposuing her beautiful clit for me to
enter. Over on top of her Jenifer put my cock in the dhole and I poushed.
Tite isn’t the work for it. I pushed hard and got in a bit and then
I felt some resistance and pushed harder and Jenifer screamed
like “oh shit that hurt” and I asked her if she wanted me to stop and
she told me to keep going because next time would be better. It took a
while, I don’t know how long but then I was in up to the hilt. I paused
enjoying the feel for the first time as we kissed then like my brother had
told me I startep pumping my cock, slowly at first and then faster. Jenifer
was working her pelvis to meet me and it felt to much really fucking then
I knew it would happen and pushed in up to the hilt as I
ejaculated. I felt big spurts of my semen spurting into Jen in
the climax of our first fuck. It was done. We were married and our virginity
was down the tubes.
We have been married almost three months, three of the best months a guy
could hope for with more love than I ever imagined I would ever want and
while Jenifer isn’t pregnant yet I guess that soon she will be. When my brother
got married last year he needed four months to make a baby and dad says he needed
five months to make me so I am just going to love and enjoy and soooon!!!

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