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way too young

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: backyard
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was too young to have sex at 13. It happened in mid-July. It
was in the middle of a heat wave. Several of my friends were
hanging out trying to keep cool by soaking each other with
a water fight. Robbie stayed when everyone else left. We layed
on a blanket in the sun to get dry talking about nothing. For
some reason I can’t remember we started to poke each other which
ended up with us tickling each other. In all the laughter Robbie
rolled on top of me and I would push him off and end up on top
of him. This went on for a few minutes when he was on top of me
he just stopped everything and looked very strange at me. He was
firmly planted between my spread legs when he started to gently
move his hips pushing his body against me. At first I didn’t realize
what he was doing then it dawned on me. I again pushed him off and
ended up straddling him. We both went quiet. He reached up around
my neck and untied the straps of my bathing suit pulling it down
exposing my very small tits, maybe 32a at the time. Stupid me didn’t
protest at all. I could feel his dick being squished under the weight
of my pelvis while he was pushing up and down against it. We were so
innocent at that age. My bathing suit was at my waist, I rolled off
him as he continued to pull off. We layed facing each other, arms
around one another when he pulled me closer to him. I was again stradling
him but this time I was naked. I knew by the look on his face he liked
it when I gyrated on his dick. He reached between us forcing his bathing
trunks down so his dick was revealed. It was only a few minutes later
I felt the hard cock pushing at my cunt. Neither of us knew what we were
doing other than what we were doing felt awfully good. I bent further
forward and the head of his cock slipped into me. When I tried to resist
I pushed back and it went in further. I never felt any pain as my cherry
was broken. I know the reason was he was so small. Robbie was also 13, his
dick was very small, maybe 3 inches and only as big around as a hot dog
I did what felt best, I would raise up off him and then sit back down on
him. After a few minutes of this he muttered about something was wrong with
him but in fact he was getting ready to cum. The flood gates opened to his
ballbag as he filled me with hot gooo. I continued to pump on his dick. He
never went hard inside me. I rolled off him and got my first look at his cock
which along with the few pubic he had was covered with his cum. We talked for
awhile and I found out that was his first orgasm he ever had. It wasn’t till
years later that I became proud of that fact. We stayed the best of freinds
for years but never had another sexual encounter.

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