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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: church yard
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

It seems I was always interested in sexual activity. When I was 8 I was caught playing doctors and nurses with the 8 yo girl next door. Shit did we get into trouble. When I started high school I was ‘in love’ with Barbara but she ignored me so I started walking Carol home. Carol lived about one mile from school and we took our time walking home, holding hands and kissing. She was a thin girl with hardly any tits but she liked me and we used to get on immensly. I had been walking her home for about 7 months, not every night, but most nights, and we used to meet on the weekends. So eventually our kissing started to get more passionate and I would end up with ‘lovers nuts’, I hoped she ended up with soggy crotch. Part of the journey home was walking past our church and so on one occassion I took her by the hand and led her around the back of the church to the toilets, which were locked, but they had a little alcove at the entrance. It was in here I gently pusuaded her to lean against the wall whilst we french kissed and made out. This became our ritual and it was sure turning me on. Eventually I moved from rubbing her breasts on the outside of her school uniform to unbuttoning the front and sliding my hand in to rub her breasts while we kissed. She responded and so over the next few weeks I would venture further and would rub my hand up and down her thigh under her short uniform. When I did this she would suck on my tongue and I would reach higher until I was rubbing her fanny through her panties, which would get ‘wet’. All this was over a period of some weeks as she was not sure she wanted to do these things but would ‘allow’ me. Until one afternoon I slid my hand up her skirt and was finguring her through her panties as usual then slowly pushed the leg elastic aside and touched her ‘bare’ cunt. Whilst unsure what to do she sort of sighed and then I felt her weight shift as she moved her legs further apart. It was then I realised I was making her excited and so I ventured further pushing my finger into her and rubbing along her slit. She couldn’t control herself and just sort of ‘melted’ onto my shoulder as I continued to finger her. I would rub it in and out of her then ‘drag’ it along her slit to her – what I found out later – was her clit. WHilst fingering her with one hand I would be playing with her breast with the other and sucking on them. Carol would have mutiple orgasms. Each night we would walk into the church grounds and go to our spot, she knew what was going to happen and never said a word, just started breathing heavy. I would lead her to the alcove and lean her against the wall and start my finger dancing on her. Sometimes, after me asking, she would take her panties off before leaving school so she would be ‘bare’ when we got there. I loved watching and listening to her cum. She came to like the attention and I enjoyed making her so wet, so slick, so wanton and so passionate. I truely loved to finger this girl. We eventually got to be naked together and tried conventioanl sex, but the real excitement for me was watching her enjoy herself, feeling her cunt ‘squeeze’ my finger, watching her trying tp spread her legs as far apart as she could so I could get more access and wtaching her body slide up and down the wall while my finger was up her – she was so wanton – what an incredable sight. I learned from her the technique of foreplay and making a woman ‘want you’, a very valuable gift. Today I still get as much pleasure out of ‘playing’ with a woman and fingering her, sucking her breasts and exciting her as I do out of ‘just fucking’. I still enjoy the ‘sex game’ at 50.

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