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Von Dutch

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: His house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

For some reason I’ve always been into hot rod guys because they wear leather jackets and they have kick ass cars so I was seeing this one guy “Sick Boy” and he kept telling me all this stuff like “I was designed in the form of an old caddillac” He really got off saying stuff like this and I was hanging out at the one hot rod shop in Virginia Beach and he walked in and I was just standing there wearing these black knee high boots and a black mini skirt with a tight leather shirt. I was ordering him new chrome sidebars for his car he was rebuilding. So I was leaning over the counter and I didn’t know he was behind me and he comes up and runs his hand up my back. I snapped around and he was standing there smiling. After I finished ordering his stuff I walked out and he was following me. Once outside the store I leaned up against the back of his car and teasingly said, “You have a real nice car, I bet it’s got a real big engine” He smiled and held me up against the car and kissed me softly then deeper and longer. Finally he took my hand and walked around the car and put me in the passenger side. So he gets in and cranks the engine over and burns rubber out of the parking lot and down the street. He turned on the radio and it was playing “I love my car” by mike ness and I turn around to him and ask him where we’re going and he smiles playfully and says, where ever you want. I told him to take me to his house and when we get there he took me by the hand through his house and up the stairs to his room. He brought the CD from his car up to his room and popped it in. It was Cheating at Solitaire by Mike Ness. When he turned around and looked at me I was twisting my long blond hair around my fingers and sitting on his bed. It drove him wild and he sat down beside me and pushed me back so that I was laying down streached out and he was still sitting up. Kissing me he unbuttoned my shirt and slipped his hand in massaging my breast. It felt amazing. He stopped kissing me long enough to ask if I was sure I wanted to do this. I started the kissing again and he knew that ment yes. He went down further and unbuckled the skirt and pulled it off revealing my black satin panties and fishnets. He pulled off my boots and tossed them aside. I couldn’t wait any longer I sat up, this startled him and I think he throught I didn’t want to go through with it because he got this look on his face and triedto open his mouth to say he was sorry, I took off his Von Dutch work jacket and his white wife beater and ran my hands down his chest and then undid his Von Dutch jeans. He quickly went down on me, pulling off my panties and kissing my pussy softly. Then he came back up and undid my bra revealing my breasts. I pulled off his jeans and he smiled and began putting his 6 1/2 inch dick into my pussy, at first it burned and then the pain went away as he began pumping in and out I reached my orgasm the sametime he had his and he went back to kissing my pussy and running his toung up and down my lips. He looked up at me and I asked, “what only once?” And he went back in this time longer and harder. I climbed on top of him and rode him and he ran his hands up and down my hips. By the time we finished the CD had already started again and it was on Misery Loves Company I told him I was going to take a shower and he looked at me and playfully asked “Alone?” I walked into his bathroom and he followed me in and closed the door behind us because the other guy that lived with him had just walked into the house and we heard the door slam. I had gone out with the other guy and then dumped him for Sick boy and I knew he would be furious if he found out so we went in the shower and went at it 4 more times and he yelled in and was like “Hey I’m going to New Jersey for the weekend I’ll see you Monday night.” Sick boy smiled as we kissed again and again. We came out of the bathroom and I slept at his house that weekend. I dozed off in his bed when he went to the kitchen to get a drink and when he came back he crawled in bed and put his arm around me. I moved his hand down lower and said “it’s ok you can put this here.” I was in his arms all night and when I woke up I was still in his arms.

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