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Virgin God

Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: Las Vegas
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was 23, no I am 23. My whole life, I’ve been horrible with girls. Coming from an upper class family, I use to try to pay girls into having sex with me because I was so pathetic and had absolutely no game. Still, no amounts of money could persuade these girls. The most frustrating part about it was that these were the same sluts who were sleeping with the whole school. They would sleep with everybody but NOT ME!! So grade school passd, junior high passed, high school and college. Still, I hadn’t even kissed a girl yet, let alone had sex with one. So after graduating college and landing a great job, I decided to take myself on a little trip where sex is guaranteed, even for me. I was going on a solo mission to the land of legal prostitution, LAS VEGAS. Thank God for that place. I figured in Las Vegas, these girl were obligated to do even me. By the way, in case you’re wondering, I’m not some hideously disfigured beast either. I look normal. People wonder why I can’t get a date. It’s all about personality. I have zippo. Moving on, I figured I was in Vegas and this is gonna be it. I will no longer be a virgin joke. See, women are desired when they are virgins, guys are jokes. Upon arriving at Vegas, I picked up numerous catalogs which listed many of these “entertainers”. I arrived at my hotel and called these two girls. These girls were amazing. They looked like porn stars and they had large fake breasts. They came to my room and it finally happened. I lasted a long time too because my frequent masturbating helped my stamina. I lost my virginity with two HOT chicks. I wasn’t that nervous either considering I started drinking about 6 hours before. Screw all those girls who rejected me in the past. The only downsides of the whole experience was that I didn’t get to perform oral since that’s kinda scary on a hooker and the two girls costed me close to $10,000. That’s all right those. This is how I justified that. Most people start dating at 14 and by the time they reach 23 (my age) they have dated many people and bought many gifts and dinners etc for their date. Most people would have probably spent about 10,000 in 9 years on dating. I just got it all out in one pop. My girls were hot too. No nasty underdeveloped 14 year old. Thank God for Vegas.

San Diego LoveSex = Female
Age Now = 18
Age Then = 18
Where it happened = San Diego hotel
Reference Number = 27338

When I turned eighteen my parents gave me the OK visit my fiance who was working in San Diego. Kevin is four years older than me which is doesn’t mean a thing since his love for me is total.
I flew down to San Diego from Sacramento and Kevin met me at the airport. At the time Kevin was sharing an apartment with several other bachelors so he he had reserved a room for us at a nice hotel.
As soon as we were in the room Kevin pulled me to him and we had the hottest kiss ever. As we were kissing I reached down in his pants and felt his cock which was already hard. As we continued to kiss I felt Kevin reach up under my skirt and begin fingering my vagina which quickly became moist.
We broke off the kissing, gasping for air as we ripped our clothes off. I lay on the bed as Kevin got over on top of me as he spread my legs. His penis was touching my vagina. Kevin said he knew I wasnÆt on the Pill and did I want him to use a condom and I said ôno just do itöI knew this would hurt but I didnÆt care I wanted him NOW. We kissed again and Kevin told me how much he loved me and then I felt his penis pressing again the opening and then he was pushing into me. By now I was totally moist and combined with KevinÆs precum the lubrication helped him just slide into me without hurting all that much except for a twinge of pain when he took my virginity.
When I felt him all the way in me he felt HUGE in me like nothing I had ever felt before. Kevin paused and we kissed again and the as we were kissing I felt him begin to move his penis in me slowly at first moving in and out thrusting deep into me and then fasted and then I felt a new sensation as my first ever orgasm with a man in me began to build. Now Kevin was pumping his penis in me real hard and fast and Kevin was saying ôoh god, oh god I love youö and then he pushed hard deep into me and I felt a new moistness as Kevin came in me.
We lay together quietly just hugging and kissing and then we showered together and went out for dinner. Later in the night we fucked again and this was much better.
We were together for four days of loving and going to the beach and other fun things and then our dream weekend of love and fucking was over. Kevin fucked me eleven times in that short time with each time somehow better than the time before.
After that time we hat two more beautiful long weekends, the last being March 11, 12, and 13. The start of each of our weekends together Kevin had offered to use condoms but I never made him so its no surprise that on our last weekend we scored the big home run. I am pregnant now. The morning sickness is a bummer but thats life. We plan to be married soon.

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