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Virgin Catholic Girl!!

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: At my girlfriends House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

My first time happened when i was 15 and to tell the truth was not great. However it is a memory that will stay with me forever. I had met my first girlfriend at a school Party. We kissed and became an item quickly. I soon found out that she attended church every sunday and that her farther was a religious NUT!! He was stuck right up Gods arse. As his daughter attended church he trusted us in her bedroom 🙂 HA!!.

So the thought of me fucking his “pretty, God abiding daughter” was made even more of a turn on. As the time we were going out increased so to did our sexuall endeavors. One time we were in her room, playing music (so her sisters or family did not hear what we were doing) and talking. We started to kiss, and kiss deeply. We lay on the bed and became enthralled with each other. I quickly grew a hard on and this was apparent. She sat on top of me, her legs straddiling my midrif. She let me into her top and undo her bra, I slowly took in the wonderous site of her small tits (which I love and prefer to big tits). I began to suck her nipples and loved the effect this had, as her nipples grew so did her appreciation of my acts towards her.

This was when we sterted to have clothed intercorse. She started moving her crotch against the head of my prick. Totally by accident as I did not even know this was possible, she started to move a little faster and harder against my dick. This happend quickly and was very enjoyable for her, all i got was a sore and dry bell end, but the experience was amazing. The next time I decided to try and use my fingers. So we were kissing and I slowly moved my hand down and to my surprise she opend her legs so I obliged and began to rub her cunt through the tight blue and white panties (these really turn me on by the way)her breathing increased and so to did the motions of her hips. She started to buck against the actions of my hand. She slowly came and I was amazed.

I then decided this was going to be my first oral sex experience. I kissed down her body, stopped to suck her nipples and then carried on down. I removed her panties and could tell she was not to happy about what I was doing, she came close to stopping me but not before I got my mouth to that wonderful pussy. When I did any thoughs she had of stopping me quickly dissapeared as my tongue explored the cracks and cravises within her twat. Her breathing was harder then ever as she held my head in between her legs. My cock was burning but I had no rubbers so I had to suffer. I carried on licking and probing untill I found her hard little clit(i read a lot of sex books thats how i knew of her clit). I licked and sucked as she arched her back and moaned for more and I simply licked sucked and loved the taste and she loved the feeling.

We bacame more aware of each others needs as time went on. In the 4 month of our relationship she asked me if there was anything that I wanted. She was shy so I did not push her into anything she did not want. I told her that I always wanted my dick sucked but that I did not want it done by a woman who did not want to give it. Of course this just spurned her on and before I knew it she was kissing me and pulling her top up, I gladly sucked those lovely pert tits and kissed all around. Suddenly she went down, taking me by surprise and taking my dick out of its home.

My dick quickly lost its hardness and I was a little down hearted however she just gently rubbed and carressed my cock back to life. I tried to show her the best I could on how to give good head, but I am not an expert at cock sucking but she was doing a grand job. My dick was hard and being pumped by a girl who has a perfect attendance at church, good at school work and beleived in marriage before sex……ooo that made me so horny I came in her mouth. This took her by surprise and quickly she spitted it out, tasting a little but prefering to rub my sunk into her tits.

The next time we met was to be the time we had sex. I sat in her dinning room eating Spaghetti Bolognese that her mother had cooked. The family was present, my girl, her two sisters, her mam and her dad. After the delightful meal (her mother was a great cook) we went to her bedroom and no sonner we got through the door we were at each other.

Standing near the closed door we kissed and had our hands all over each other. I eased my hand up her skirt and took delight in touching her freshly washed panties, knowing they were going to get wet and not last long on her. I rubbed my fingers along her slit and carresed her tongue with my tongue, she pushed her hand into my pants and wrapped her fingers around my hard shaft. She went down first, taking my head into her mouth, she still had a lot to learn but I was not complaining, she tried to deep throat me but found this uncomfortable but it still got me so hard. I pushed her on her back, opend her legs and put my head in between them. Licking her inner thighs and close to her pussy I pulled her panties down. I noticed a little white slither of pussy juice trickling out of her small hole, I ran my tongue through it and savoured the teaste. I began lapping at her pussy, hungrily eating while she had orgasm after orgasm, cummin on my face.

I moved up and allowed her to kiss me and taste herself on my lips. I asked while kissing her neck if she wanted it. She thought and decided yes, and I was completely stunned. However I did by a packet of durex just incase and practised at home at putting one on (A rubber is the most uncomfortable garment ever made for the most passionate and loveable feeling ever). I fumbled below and slid the sheath over my erect dick. I proceeded to close in on the target. I gently but surly eased my dick into her pussy, she gave a gasp and winced but told me not to stop, I picked up the pace and moved my dick in and out faster and harder each push giving her less of the pain, but more of the pleasure. We began a rythem bucking our hips, wanting more of each other with every breath, while her parents watched t.v I penetrated their daughter, and she loved it, wanting more inside her harder and faster. My balls started to tighten and I felt the warmth creep up my shaft. I knew I was cumming and told her so, but she did not mind. I came and nearly lost my head as the feeling of pleasure spread from my shaft, dowmn my legs, up my chest and relaxed my body entirly. We did not cum together nor last longer than 20 minutes but that rarely happens first time anyway, however we did get better at it and her dad never found out exactly what we got up to in her room 🙂
Thank god!!!!

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