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virgin boy

Age when it happend: 29
Where it happened: honeymoon
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was a virgin when I married and so was my bride. I had masturbated since the age of 14 but never had sex with anyone. We were both so dumb and didn’t know what to do that first night in bed together. We began holding each other and kissing. Soon our passions were aroused. I began touching my brides small breasts and tweaking her nipples. She soon became very aroused. I asked her to touch and fondle my penis to which she replied you want me to touch your what. I asked again and she shyly reached down and found my throbbing hardon. After stroking it for awhile it oozed some pre-cum from the pee hole. I reached down between her legs and began fingering her pussy. She was surprised at my action but didn’t stop me. As I continued to finger and stroke her pussy she moaned softly and said, that feels really nice. My rigid cock was ready for action so I laid her back and spread her legs. Then I got up on my knees over her and said. Sweetheart, I’m going to make love to you but I’m new at this so I’ll take it slow. I pressed my swollen cock against the lips of her virgin pussy and she moaned softly. Then I told her I was going to push my penis inside her pussy but would go slow as it was going to hurt her. At first her pussy resisted my advance but eventually her pussy lips opened and I slipped inside. Her virgin pussy was very dry. As I slpiipe my hard cock inside it met with a barrier resisting my advance. She was saying, do you know what you’re doing and I replied not really but we’ll find out soon. Puching harder I felt something inside her snap and I sunk in to the hilt. She cried a little from the pain but I soothed her with sweet talk and promised it wouldn’t hurt for long. I began thrusting in and out of her warm sweet pussy and the feeling of pleasure built up within me. She began to enjoy the feeling, moaned softly and moved to meet my every thrust. Suddenly my balls exploded and I filled her pussy with my warm cum. There was so much of it and it oozed out of her pussy. When I finished cumming, my cock softened but stayed in her pussy. I cuccled her in my arms and said, now we’re really married sweetheart. She smiled and said, I guess so darling, and giggled. We dozed off in this tender embracee. Later, I awoke and was hard again. I began to slowly thrust in and out of her. She awoke and said, not again. I said yes, you are my love and I need you. Oh alright she cooed go ahead and enjoy yourself. As I continued thrusting she began to enjoy the new feelings in her body. I guess I need you too she said. I fucked her for several minutes and finally shot spurt after spurt of my jism into her warm pussy. That felt better this time she said, I love the feeling of love. Before dawn we must have done it at least 4 times. When we awoke, she smiled and said, you are some lover my dear. So are you I replied. We were made for each other and enjoyed making love several times a day during our 5 day honeymoon. Later we learned other forms of making love. As foreplay, we masturlbated each other before making love. Many years later we learned oralsex together. My first blowjob was really enjoyable and she enjoyed swallowing my cum. Later I learned how to eat her out which brought much pleasure to her pussy. For the next 50 years we enjoyed each other’s bodies in many ways. We always showered after sex and felt each other up in the shower. When I would get a hardon, my wife would go down on me and suck me off to a shuddering orgasm. We would wash each others genitals and when she would get aroused, I would go down on her and lick her pussy until she cummed. We were sex fanatics and always brought each other to climax, many times simultaneously. We may have been late bloomers, but we learned fast and had a lifetime of enjoyable sex.

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