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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: in bedroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

well i was 18,i was studying banking.I was staying with my family,my dad who is working in MNC who is mostly out of town my mother is house wife.One day my aunty (mothers sister) visited to my house, i was hearing what they both were talking she told some thing softly to my mom that ur son is quite old now u should ask him….
suddenly i came and ask her about what?aunty smiled & told nothing after an hour she went, my mom was totally stressful, i asked her is everything allright?she nodded her head and moved to kitchen.By the time the phone rang it was my father he told that he’ll b back by tomorrow evening i went to my moms bedroom she was changing her clothes i was stunned by seeing her half nude she was standing in peticoat with no blouse on body her boobs were big enough i told her d message by seeing her boobs she smiled & came forward to me & took inside n told what r u seeing? i told sorry mom by seeing u half naked i got stunned then she asked me do u want to taste it? well ii ii?yes beta don’t u love ur mothers milk?&i started licking her boobs one by one she was moaned do it slowly then i started pressing her breast. after 30 min.she told the milk is not coming naa then leave it ?then she was removing her peticoat knott she asked me to remove it,… i removed it by my teeth as she left it down i was in heaven by seeing her nude legs she told ur fathers will come now then i gave her message that he is not coming tonight she asked me to take her gown i told her to b nude for some time,,,,she told not now i hve to cook the food then she took a dads kurta & wore it my tool was erect &i could see her legs from cut of kurta.she moved to kitchen ,i went her back my tool was erect, she looked & told make it free i obed my mothers word she saw my penise which was hard and 8” then she asked have u had any sex with anyone i denied then how come so big cock.i was nude in front of her she told not to wear any pants at that time the door bell rang mom told to check who is it i moved forward see from key hole it was my aunty i opened the door by seeing my cock she smiled & told having fun and touches my penis my mom came out n told her to leave that ,it mine virgin penis she smiled n told that she forget her bag here only n took it n went i was happy that i was going to have sex tonight.i told my mom but it is not right to have a sex with mom,she told its natural n we r not going to tell the whole world!!!!then she told me lets play a game i told now n which game?she told lets marry tonight and do like husband & wife,!!but mom i m not knowing any of the thing ,!!i will teach u son!!!! she wear a saree without blouse & told me to tie a mangalsutra i obed her then we went to bedroom she brought milk and told me to drink half nd give back to me i was doing what she was telling at sudden she hugged me tightly i was not able to controll my precum was falling down at sudde we started kissing each other our lips were bitting each others slowly she moved me down towards boobs i pressed it harder nd licked finally she removed her saree i seened her legs nd started kissing she told to removed her panty her vagina was wet i started licking !! it was very tasty she told me to put my tongue inside the middle hole i did the same at sudden her juice came out i licked completely & went up my mom kissed and tasted her juice then she moved towards my cock & took inside her mouth it was awesome experience after 20 min.i told i was cumming she told do it in mouth only i shoot it harder at ones then for 20 min.we were kissing eachother i told my mom that dad might b having fun daily with u ????then she told that the r not having sex from last 8 months.but she was happy that time that she is going to have fun rest of her life with me,…..again she tooked my cock in her mouth nd started licking it nd brought in life again nd guided me to fuck her i fucked her for 9 min.but she was satisfied and we sleept nakedly.from next day when ever we get a chance we had a sex now it is almost 8 years we r have healthy sex….

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