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Where it happened: my bedroom
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

it’s a few days after christmas and i’ve already told myself that i am ready to fuck. i’m a horny person as it is and there was all this sexual frustration building up inside of me and sometimes i just couldnt control my own fingers. i loved to be touched, yet i never felt the hardness of a boy’s cock inside of me. so i call up a friend of mine that i had known for a while. he knew what i wanted even more than i did. so i made my bedroom looking all nice. with a teddy hanging up, chocolate syrup, whip cream, and honey sitting on top of my counter. candles and beads and i was prepared wearing tight white cotton shorts, a zipper up sweater, and my laced bra(i had practiced oral sex many times before and was good at what i did, plus i loved to have dry sex and make guys want to have me, so id say i was prety good at that so far, why not expand my horizons) he threw a few rocks at my window just like in a movie so i opened my back door for him and walked him up my stairs. as he entered my room i knew that he was about to enter me as well. but not before i gave him a little foreplay first. he lyed down on my bed as i slipped my body onto his. soft kisses turned into erotic warnings of how much i wanted him. i helped him off with his tshirt and made sure his jeans were off soon before he nutted too fast. licking my way down toward a surprising huge cock i used my hands as well to caress his lower back and butt. then i kisses more caressingly on his inner thighs and teased a while on his balls. licking at fist on his tip i poured the chocolate syrup on his throbbing penis and dived in for the pleasure. he held it in and demanded i grind on him. he knew i was good at grinding and wanted me to perform a little of my tabbledancing on him. he loved it, zipping down my sweater he pored the honey onto my supple breasts and licked my hard nipples.i leaned on my back as he performed his own ritual on me. i was so wet already and i found it amazing to how he still held it in. then noticing how hard i was breathing, wwwe skipped the teddy foreplay because he knew i wanted him bad. he ripped off my tiny shorts and slid his beautiful dick inside my all-over waxed-pussy. it was painful at first but the more he rammed it in, the more i enjoyed it. maybe it was that anxiousness or sudden pain, but i pushed him onto his back, and rode him squeezing my vaginal muscles so that it made it especially tight for him. we were both exsausted after he came. we endedup falling asleep in each other’s arms until the morning when he had to leave or else my mom would find him. we still keep in contact,i still don’t regret going the whole way with him-it was special, and i will always remember the first-but hardly my last fuck.

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