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Unlucky in Love

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: His house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

If you’re looking for a happy ending, this isn’t one. It was three days after the new year of 1998 when it happened. I was 19, my boyfriend was 24, and he lived in one of my dad’s rental houses. We actually met on a blind date about 11 months before this event, so we knew each other quite well and I was head over heels in love with him.

At this time, I lived with my parents while I went to college. I’d come back from doing some shopping at the mall, and decided to stop by his place and show him my purchases. Clinton is about 5’8″, lean with jet black hair and big, beautiful blue eyes. Sexy voice, too. Anytime we ever went out, I was always very proud to have him next to me. When I stopped by, he was sitting on the overstuffed couch watching a football game, so I sat down to join him.

Now, we never talked about going all the way, we’d never discussed birth control or anything. I honestly wanted to wait because I thought it would be more special if we did, plus I wasn’t gonna do anything without protection. We’d done everything but up until this point..

Almost as soon as I sat down on the couch with him, he leaned over and started kissing me. We were making out pretty heavily in his living room with all the shades up on the windows; it make me kind of nervous because someone could have looked in. But I wasn’t really thinking about that as he divested me of my clothes and sucked on my
nipples, making me moan. I was lost once he started touching my cunt. We were both naked, and, at this point, his cock had swollen to it’s nearly ten huge inches that it is (quite unnerving for a tight virgin).

At this point, he would usually just rub himself against my cunt until he came, which I loved watching. But instead, he leaned over my spread legs and whispered in my ear, “I think you’re ready.” I will never forget him saying that; all at once, it turned me on, it kinda scared me, and made me mad that HE was the one who was making that decision. So, out of pure curiosity to see how far he was gonna take
this, I held still and felt him trying to put his dick inside me. He met the usual resistance, I could never relax when he just tried it, but this time there was no stopping him, and he really shoved. He didn’t hesitate when I whispered “no,” or when I whimpered in pain. It hurt like hell, even just the tip of his head inside my vagina felt
like it was tearing me in half. But he kept pushing, and I kept wincing, but then VERY suddenly the pain went away and it left this amazing fullness, and I could FEEL HIM inside. I looked up at his face and I’ll never forget how dark his eyes had gotten, they were just navy blue with lust, with his mouth completely agape at the sensation.

I wouldn’t have minded at this point if he’d kept going, but he looked down and said, “Oh! You’re bleeding!” Internally I was thinking, “No shit, Sherlock,” but I immediately pulled away and went to wipe off. Always the practical mind, I didn’t want to ruin his couch cover, so
I ran for some cleaner, but he stopped me and said, “No, come into the bathroom.” So he ran me a bath and was kissing me lightly and rubbing my shoulders, so I soaked in the bathtub while he cleaned the couch.

When he came in and got in the tub, I was crying. I just couldn’t hold it in, it was just emotionally troubling what had just happened: I’d just fucking lost my virginity on a sofa, in the middle of a random afternoon, in front of a TV blaring a football game. I couldn’t stop crying, and I know I’d made Clinton feel like a piece of shit by this time. He said that he thought no matter where or when it was going to take place that it would have been special between us.
Unfortunately, I disagreed.

Epilogue: We broke up five months later. He had gotten all
depressed and tried to off himself with a bunch of sleeping pills (it did not work). I couldn’t handle his emotional instability, so I called in the troops (his fam, friends) to gather around him, and stopped coming by to see him. We hadn’t stopped talking online, but 3 weeks later he had some chick moving in with him, and they got married a month and a half later. They are still together, and he adopted her son. Am I bitter? Slightly. The moral is, if you truly love someone unconditionally as I did, don’t let them go no matter what. Anything can be worked out, even a failure of a first time.. at least it was with the man I loved. I miss you, Clinton…

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