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Unexpected Sex

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: at his house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Okay so me and my bestfriend Terra both went to friend’s party. People were dancing, drinking,making out,yeah all that good stuff. Terra’s boyfriend had took her to a room upstairs where they got their groove on. So I was lonley and I went over to go sit on the couch. Sitting next to me was my friend’s cousin, A.J. He was so damn sexy brown-skin latino and he was my age. He had confronted me because me and him both went to the same school since 3rd grade and he remebered my face. wE Did some small talk when i noticed that the room was empty. I told him that i always had the super gigantic crush on him and he also did too. Then he began to get really close and he put my hand on his hard dick. At first i was really carefree and we started making out and slobbing on each other until i told him to stop. He stopped and then we just talked.We exchanged numbers and i called him the next day. Me and Terra thent went home. The next day i called a.J. and we began to date. We had been daing for a year. Off and on he would always ask me to fuck him. God knows i wanted to but i said i wasnt gonna fuck till i was married. One day when my parents were on vacation i went over a.j’s house. we went out for dinner and se a movie. When we came back i told a.j that i wanted to stay with him for the night but no sex. So I stayed and played truth are dare. A.j promised not to dare me too fuck him but he did anyways. I still said no. Then i we watched another movie. I fell asleep on his lap. Then that his hand was down in my panties and we was playing with my clit and getting me off. I had like 5 orgasms. Then i got really horny and jumped on him and started to unbotton his shirt.i pulled down his boxers and his dick was soo fuckin huge and thats when i got scared. then i jerked him. We were acting like animals and we went up to his room. We did this rlly hot 69 and aj stuck his tounge deep in my pussy. He asked me was i ready and i was. he spit on my pussy and put his head in. it hurt like shit and i kept screaming. to calm it down he teased me with his stiff dick and finally the head was in, but it still hurted. the i just told him to shove it in. he aksed me was i sure and i said yes. i had lost my virginity. his cock was so deep that pain turned into pleausre. screaming and moaing and kissing and fucking all night lone.

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