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uncle ted

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My uncle ted is actually only a year older than me. he came to stay the summer with us. one morning i was getting out of the shower when he walked into the bathroom. my mom was at work. he said oops. i was shocked and just stood there. he said you ok? then i came out of it and grabbed a towel.

He said you know you really have a pretty body. i blushed and said thank you. he moved over to me and started to pat dry me with the towel. i was stunned. i just stood there and looked in his eyes. when i was about to say something he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. we had kissed before but never like that. he kissed me deep with his arms around me.

The towel dropped to the floor and his bare chest smashe up against my tits. i about fainted. he continued to kiss me and i kissed him back as his hands massaged my butt. pretty soon they drifted up my sides to my breasts and he kneaded them.

When he kissed my neck and down to my nipple i sighed so loud. he asked if i liked it. i said yes. he picked me up and laid me in on my bed as he kissed my breast. then his hand went between my legs and he was fingering me and sucking my nipples.

He had taken off his boxers at some point but my eyes were closed and i didn’t notice until i felt him sliding his cock head along my slit. that just about drove me over the edge and i arched my back just as his cock head slid into me and he thrust forward.

My eyes sprang open and i was trying to back up but he thrust again and ripped through my maidenhead and slid all the way in. i think i passed out but next thing i knew he was sliding his cock all the way in and out. wow that felt good. the only pain i remember was when he broke me. that was like someone sticking a knife in you.

He kept going faster and i was matching his strokes when it felt like all my feeling was focused in my belly and i started shaking. i felt him cum in me as he drove in as deep as he could get. i came again.

I was sore for about wo weeks but soon we started to have sex regularly when my mom was away. all our sex was and is unprotected and i got pregnant about two months later but we took care of it and now i’m on the pill.

That was s ago. ted is here for the summer again and we have sex all the time. i’m sure glad we met in the bathroom that morning. love ya teddy, jody.

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