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Uncle Ben & Aunt Kim

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Aunt's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I guess I have always had the hots for my Mothers younger sister, My Aunt Kim. While my mom and aunt Kim look a lot alike, Kim is a lot younger. Both have the same big tits that run in my mom’s family, Kim’s just look bigger because she is smaller built than my mom, and those big mamaries on her smaller body stand out like a sore thumb.
I was about 12 when I began to notice the charms of the girls and began to get a hard-on. It seems that even before that though, I was very much aware of Aunt Kim’s big tits. Unfortunatly I didn’t get to see much of them or her when Uncle Ben and her moved about a three hour drive north of us.
I was as anxious as any horny young guy to go as far as I could with a girl, and my first target was Ann, a little blonde girl who lived down the block from me. Ann was actually a year older than me , at 13, but was small built and took a liking to me. We got together a few times in the dark behind her dad’s garage, and Ann and I learned to french kiss together and after a time I was able to touch her small firm little tits, and I really liked the way I could make her little nipples grow and get firm, and she liked it too.
Then there was the week-end that Aunt Kim and Uncle Ben came to visit with my two cousins, !2 year old Katie and 8 year old Karen. The first thing I was aware of was Aunt Kims big titties, Which she seemed to always be showing off to their best advantage with a low cut blouse. I quickly became aware of my oldest cousin Katie, who was my age, but already had a really nice set of titties that were bigger than a lot of older teen girls I had seen. I hadn’t seen Katie in awhile and those things had really grown. Katie also quickly let me know she thought I was pretty neat and wanted to be alone with me. It didn’t happen until late that evening when everyone else was in bed, when Katie and I were alone on the back porch. She was cuddling close to me and when I kissed her she really gave me a hot kiss back.After several kisses Katie was hot and clinging hard to me and I got bold enough to begin petting her big tits. Katie let me know she liked this and I was able to get her Bra loose to really get a hold on her two beauties.They were twice what Ann had had and Again Katie let me know she enjoyed her tits squeezed and I had a huge hard-on pushed against her. Katie put her hand on the front of my pants, saying I could never get to sleep with this. She then took it out of my pants ,and while I played with her big tities my 12 year old cousin gave me a hand job and before long I was spurting a load of cum out onto the grass beside the porch. Katie seemed pleased with what she had done but nothing more happened that night.
The next day my relatives went home and except for a couple brief family occasions I didn’t get to see Katie or Karen or my Aunt Kim’s big tits much for the next four years. In that time I had tried to get my hard cock into several young girls around town, but without any success, and I never did get my hands on a pair of tits like my cousin Katie had, even though a few of the girls were older.
Then when I was 16 My mom had to go in for some surgery and it was decided that I would spend a month with Uncle Ben and Aunt Kim and the girls, something I was all for. Uncle Ben and the Girls drove down to get me and Karen sat in front with her dad while I spent the drive in the back seat with Katie and I was impressed with how much prettier she had got and those tities had grown so they rivaled her mom’s.We couldn’t do much with her dad looking back in the mirror, but several times Katie took my hand and moved it to her bare leg, enough for me to get the idea she was ready for more.
Aunt Kim hadn’t come because her foot was in a cast, but as soon as I got there I could see her big titties were still sticking out as always, and since Aunt Kim couldn’t go up the stairs easy, the girls made sure my room was ready on the second floor, just down the hall from the room the sisters shared. They invited my into their room and Katie gave me a preview of things to come when she peeled her top off and got out of her jeans as I watched. Karen seemed a little surprised at her older sister, but Katie only gave me a grin, saying ” It’s OK for Keven to see us in our underwear, he’s our cousin” Karen must have agreed with this for a few minuites later she also stripped down to her bra and panties in front of me, and I was having a time hiding the hard-on I already had.
Later that night I was in my room when my two pretty cousins came to visit. Both wore skimpy baby-doll PJ’s and I could make out their nipples under their tops. I was glad I had the sheet thrown over my mid-section for I was nude and quickly had another huge hard-on. Both girls seemed in a froliky mood and got on the bed with me and began to be playfull and Katie pulled the sheet away exposing my hard-on. “Hey look Kar, Kevens naked” Katie exclaimed and Karen shot back, “Yeah and he’s hard already” Karen said. The next thing I knew both girls had their hands on my cock and were exploring it.” Hey “I said, ” If I’m going to be naked , You two should be too.” and without hesitation both girls peeled off their PJ’s and we all three were naked, and my eyes never had seen so much young tit flesh. Even Karen, who now was 12, the same age I’d first touched her sister’s tits, now had a real nice pair and I quickly got my hands busy touching and squeezing as much tit as I could. Katie had slid up next to me and was kissing me hotly while Karen played with my cock. It was after several minuites of this that a breathless Katie whispered in my ear, ” God, Keven ,I’m soo hot, do you want to do it, I want you to be the first for me?” she asked answer was to roll over onto Katie, pulling my cock from Karen’s hand. Katie’s lush thighs were spread wide for me and I was all ready to grasp my cock and guide it into her pussy, when I felt Karen’s hand find my hard-on again and her soft hand guided my cock to her sisters pussy. I eased my hips forward feeling the hot tight feel of her virgin pussy clamp around my shaft. I wiil never forget that first moment when I felt it slipping all the way into Katie as she groaned and pushed her hips up at me, until I was all the way inside her and we slowly began to fuck. God it was good and as I worked in and out of Katie I could feel Karen rubbing my ass and feeling my balls. I don’t know if Katie got off that first time, I know I couldn’t last too long before I was pumping my load deep inside her.
I had rolled off Katie and was laying next to her as we recovered our breathing when Karen slid up next to me and began to kiss me hard and long, I knew she was excited and coud feel her grasping my half hard, sticky cock, when the younger sister whispered to me. ” Keven I want you so bad, will you give me what you gave Katie, I want you to have my cherry, Please?” she half pleaded. Her hand already had me hard again and I couldn’t resist another virgin and rolled over onto her and while I sucked her big hard nipples she reached down and guided my cock to her hole and I pushed forward gently and felt my throbbing hard rod slip deep into Karen’s very hot, very tight wet pussy. It would be hard to top the feel of my very first time with Katie but I can tell you that fucking her younger sister came very close. Karen was good and enjoyed it a lot. I wasn’t sure if Katie had climaxed her first time, there was no doubt about what Karen felt and she went off loudly and wildly under me.
That first night I was able to screw both my cousins a second time before morning, and there was no doubt about Katie cumming that second time and both were very Happy teens. I couldn’t beleive how easy it had been to get both to open their thighs to me that night and for the next 33 days that I was there I don’t recall missing one day when I didn’t fuck or at least get sucked by one or both my cousins. It was a sad day for them and me when my dad came to pick me up.One thing that stood out as I was leaving and sat in the car next to my dad, Aunt Kim, who had lost the cast by then, came up to the car and leaned in to give me a hug and kiss. As she held me close she whispered in my ear ” Thanks Keven for being so nice and good for my girls.”
I didn’t really know the meaning of how she had said that until a couple months later when my mom told me that Aunt Kim was driving down the next day and had asked if I would go with her on some shopping she had to do. Of course I was happy to go with my sexy Aunt and as we went from store to store she kept saying things that surprised me and made me wonder what she knew about my sex with her daughters. When we got back to our house, it was still several hours before my folks were due home from work. Aunt Kim went to my mom’s room saying she wanted to change, and I went to my room.It was a few minuites before Aunt Kim came into my room. I was surprised for she hadn’t changed , she had only removed her skirt and stood before me in her slip, with her blouse open in front revealing her well filled bra and those two beauties nestled inside.
“Keven there is something I want to tell you, and Promise me you won’t ever tell anyone ever, not even your mom, do you promise?” she asked. I said I would never say anything to anyone if she wanted, then she told me that her girls had told her about their sex with me, and she wanted me to know she wasn’t mad at me or anything, she said both girls spoke so high of me she was happy for them, then she added with a little wink, that she was a little jealous.
Then my Aunt surprised me again as she came against me and put her arms around me hugging my face against those beautifull tits. I at once got a huge hard-on with my mouth so close to those big tits I had wanted to see and suck for so long. ” Kevin honey, I know I shouldn’t have ideas about you, but the things Katie And Karen told me about how good you made them feel, only got my juices flowing, I can’t help it.honey.” she said softly, then glancing down at the bulge in my pants, She said. ” I’m so glad I turn you on Kev, I didn’t know if you had any interest on an old broad like me” she said as she reached her hand down to brush over my cock.As I felt my Aunt’s fingers curl around my shaft shrough my pants I felt it seem to grow another inch as she exclaimed ” Oh god Kev ,no wonder you made Katie and Karen so happy” I then assured her I didn’t think she was an old broad, then admitted I had always admired her, and with her hand closed around my cock I felt at ease as I reached up and pulled her bra away to reveal one of her large very hard nipples which I then took into my mouth and began sucking on it.Kim’s other hand cluthed my face to her tit as I sucked and she moaned out loudly ” Oh god Keven that feels so good.” Then she let go of my cock and stepping back she let the loosened blouse fall to the floor and reached back to unsnap her bra and it fell to the floor and for the first time those beauties I;d admired for so long were in full view of my eyes.I dropped to one knee in front of her and pulled the slip down then hooked my thumbs in the band of her panties, and pulled them dowm her legs.Kims hand quickly began to work at my cloths until I was as naked as her and her eyes locked onto my stiff cock and she said ” Oh Kevin I hope you don’t ever learn to hate me for this but I can’t help myself, I want this beautifull thing inside me.” Kim started to move to the bed but I stopped her , remembering a fantisy I had had of her many times. I then pushed her forward gently so she was leaning on the bed with her hands, her lovely ass and pussy in my view as I moved up behind her, then as I guided my Hard cock into her pussy from behind, my pretty Aunt let out a low squeel of pleasure as I entered her. Let me tell you that wasn’t like my first time with Katie but my Aunt was a good fuck and there was no question of when she got off, for she did it often and loudly. I have had a few sesions with Katie and with Karen since that year but never again with my Aunt, darn it.

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