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two guys, one night.

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: outside
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

well i was with two friends, lets call them mary & jim.. well me and mary were at jim’s. his parents didn’t know we were there seeing a he stayed outside in a caravan. anyways, it was about 12 when we got there, it was just me, mary, jim & a bottle of smirnoff & orange juice. in no time we were drunk. mary had told me earlier she wanted to do “stuff” with jim later that night and that i had to find somewhere to go for around an hour or so, or else, i had to sit there and listen.. i would have none of that, so i was texting two of my guy friends, cal & ben. ben was at cal’s house a couple of kms away. so i decided to ditch mary & jim & go see cal & ben. me, drunk, eventually made it to cal’s house. cal came out and met me outside, i stumbled and fell over he laughed. he said, “so what do you wanna do?” and i said “i don’t care.” he said, “your really drunk aren’t you.” i giggled. “no!” he laughed and helped me up from where i was sitting on the footpath. he took my head in his hands and began to kiss me, hard. his toungue slipped into my mouth as his hands slid up my shirt. i have DD tits so he was quite eager to get a look. we continued to make out as i felt the bulge in his pants. i giggled and he blushed. we moved to a dark corner and i knelt down and let his cock out of his pants. it wasn’t fully hard yet so i began to stroke it. i looked up at him and he breathed heavily. i then took his cock in my mouth, moving up and down quite slowly at first, i then sped up, he started to moan. he then tried to unbutton my pants, seeing as i was wearing skinny leg jeans this was difficult so i undid them for him and pulled them down. he began to slip his massive fingers in and out of my wet pussy, i moaned. he then must’ve heard a noise, he turned to see ben watching, he yelled and him and then became embarassed. he got up and said, thats enough and walked off, he said, i’ll go get ben for you.
i zipped back up my pants and sat on the grass. i saw ben running across the road he came to me and stopped. i looked up at him and i knew exactly what he wanted, he was breathing heavily and like cal, he had a notice able bulge in his pants, i licked my lips. he let his cock free and i took it in my mouth. he mouth fucked me for about five minutes when he lifted me up and started to make out with me, feeling my tits, making me moan. he told me to lay back and take off my pants, i did as i was told. he started to finger my wet pussy, i moaned and started to breath hard, he lowered his head to my soaking pussy and began to lick. my back arched and i writhered. he then layed on top of me and we kissed again, he wanted to fuck me, but he didn’t have a condom so i wouldn’t let him. so he stood up and i gave him head until he came.
i have never done anything else with cal, but me and ben met up again. we haven’t had sex, but i’m sure we will.
thanks for reading 🙂

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