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TWINS: Tina ^ Donna

Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: Treehouse
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

It’s a good thing that the day was windy because my
treehouse was rocking one fine day when my twin babysitters
Tina and Donna came to play. Actually, my parents went on
a trip and Tina who lived nearby was supposed to watch me
for a whole weekend. However, I was getting very assertive
and she called in her twin sister Donna for reinforcements.
The tree was a strong and stout mango tree at the edge
of the river bed which went through our fruit orchard on
one of the beautiful island of the Pacific. What a setting
to be able to enjoy the pleasures of two sensual young
girls in their pride of life. Life will never be the same.
It was a good thing that we had plans and built the
treehouse solidly. There was a lot of room and many of
my friends said that it would take a major hurricane to
knock down our large treehouse. Well, this one day, Tina
and Donna were acting like some crazy hurricane that I
thought our tree house would surely not survive.
The three of us were half naked and intertwined on the
carpeting that we had hauled up to the treehouse when we
built it. Tina was on her knees with her head between my
legs. Donna was sitting on my face sitting away from Tina.
Tina was licking, sucking, and kissing my hard rock rod
as if her life depended on it. I’ve never seen it grow as
big as it had that day. She would start from my balls and
lick to the tip like a lollypop. Then she would slowly
wrap her cherry red lips around the tip and suck my cock
slowly in and out of her warm wet and slippery mouth. Every
so often she would stop and kiss it when I was just about
ready to burst with my juices. She knew how to control a
joystick so well!
Finally, I couldn’t help myself. When she took in as
much of me in her mouth, then slowly sucked on it while
letting it withdraw, I felt like I was being sucked dry.
I started to contract and spurt like a geyser. Tina drank
as much of it as possible and licked me dry. I started to
shrink, but Tina would not stop. She kept licking and
sucking and I didn’t even notice that I was rock hard again.
Of course, it helped that I was busy exploring Donna’s
love tunnel. While Tina was busy between my legs, Donna
sat on my face and kept me busy concerning what to kiss
and lick with my tounge. The lips between her legs were
a brighter red than her lipstick. Her glistening blond
hair was a nice contrast and I loved the feel of their soft
bristles on my nose.
Donna used her fingers to spread her cunt lips and I saw
her clit rise to the occasion and reach out to me in what I
would consider a wonderous greeting. I encircled her
growing love essence with my lips and Donna clenced her
thighs tighter around my head. She let out a moan of
pleasure and humped back and forth.
Meanwhile, Tina had stripped her shorts and squatted over
my hips. She guided my throbbing love stick into her
dripping love slit. It felt so good. So warm, wet, and
tight as she tightened around them while she slowly took
them into her all the way to my balls.
Tina was facing Donna’s back and she grabbed Donna’s
breast and was massaging them as hard as she had massaged me
earlier. Donna slowly picked up her humping rythm and
Tina start to keep pace. Tina kept herself right around me
as she humped up and down while Donna humped forward and
back. Sensations were flashing back and forth from
between my legs and my mouth.
Then Donna spurted as if her dam had broke. My face was
drenced with her love juice. She let out a scream and
tried to force my head into her pussy. Tina hed been
kneeding Donna’s breasts and her nipples were like rock
hard. Donna shook and feel back on Tina’s breasts.
“My turn”, Tina said. “You get on his cock because I
kept it hard for you.” She tightened around my rod one more
time, then let it pop out as she helped a still shaking
Donna swith places with her. This time, Tina sat on me
while facing Donna and started to kiss her sister with
long french kisses complete with toungue dueling.
Donna guided my throbbing stick into her drenched
pussy lips and it slipped in easily. I felt her tunnel
easily take me in since she was so well lubricated by this
time. She kept swallowing me and held me inside of her
for some time while she kept busy with Tina.
Tina in the meantime was dripping with juices
from her pussy. She was busy sucking on Donna’s tits and
her clit was extended and throbbing. I adjusted her so
that I could reach it with my tongue and started to lick
it. Then both of them started to get their rythm
As Donna started to work on an up and down humping motion
on my stiff cock, Tina started to tease my tongue with her
clit. She had her lips tight on Donna’s breast and she
followed the up and down movement. Then Donna’s pussy
started to get tighter and tighter as she went up and down.
As Donna’s moans matched Tina’s movements, they both
increased at a steady pace until I could not stand it
anymore. I had to spurt again into Donna and Tina mashed
her pussy lips on my face as if to catch up. Then she
too screamed into Donna’s breasts while hugging
her sister tight around the hips.
Finally, Donna fell backwards over my legs and Tina
started to lick us both dry. I was slowly shrinking
and falling out of Donna, but Tina’s activity of slowly
lick us both clean where we connected kept me hard.
Once again, Tina licked, sucked, and kissed as if she
could not get enough of my lollipop. This time she didn’t
spend too much time with her mouth, but quickly straddled
my legs, guided my cock in her pussy, and started sucking
on my mouth as her pussy tightened on on each stroke.
This third time it didn’t take very long for my cock
to begin its contractions. Tina still kept her pussy
right around it, so she started to grip it and not move.
She wanted it to last longer, so as she sucked on my
tongue, she kept her pussy still and tight.
Eventually, the feeling subsided and she started the
pumping motion again. She really loved to get the most
out of my virgin cock. After taking me to the brink and
holding me back several times, she finally let me take
it to the limit. Despite the fact that it was already my
third time, it still felt like it was stronger than the
other times. Tina sure knows how to get the most out
of a kid.
We had a lot of great times in our tree house after
this first time. I now love twins, I am searching for more
twins, and I hope to have twin children. If twins are
interested in visiting Hawaii or San Diego, contact me
at (xxx) xxx-xxxx and leave a message via my administrator
Helen concerning Tina’s or Donna’s Hawaii trip.

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