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twin love

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

This happened when I was watering my uncle’s lawn, one sunday afternoon.
I was holding the the water hose, calmly watering the plants, when
I noticed that 2 visiting neighbor sisters, were lloking at me from their
pool. I was barechested, young, beautiful, tanned, and muscle. Some of my sweat
was tricling down in between my pects. As they looked into my eyes, they also
stared at the way I held the water hose. After a while, they introduced themselves,
and came over close to me to chat and admire my physiche. As a foreigner, they
were immediately turned on by my accent, so talking on and on we end up inside my
house. After a few cokes and chips, the sisters, not twins in body, but in thought,
looked at each other and offered to give me a back massage that I couldn’t say not to.
After all, I had been working hard in the yard all afternoon in the sun. Needless to
say, the double your peasure ad applies here too, because I was doubly turned on by
the two sisters’s 4 hands all over my back. Making a long story short, they noticed the
bulged inside my pants, and grabbed for it without hesitation. At the time, I was somewhat
nervous and scared. At my tender age of 16, my bodily contact with other people had been
minimal. Going back, to the story, I found myself with my pants down and both sisters looking
my dick like they had never seen anything like it. First, it was uncut, second, it was huge.
Stroking it and playing with it, both sisters asked questions about it, since they had never seen anything
the like. After the anatomical lesson, they grabbed me and started sucking on me like crazy.
They were greeedy for my semen. Finally I came all over their faces, with double the satisfaction
I usually got from masturbating. Like I said, double the participation, double the pleasure.
They finally said goodbye, but not without letting me fondle their breasts with hands and
mouth, as we all Spaniards like to serve our ladies.

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