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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: At the house of my cousin
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My cousin Elnor was 16 and I was 15. We were very close to each other.

I hang around their house, which was just next to ours, every now and then. One day, her parents asked me to stay in their house to accompany my cousin while the rest of the family went for a trip. Elnor had classes them (and so did I) that she could not go with the family trip.

It was 5pm when Elnor came home with her girl friend, Cindy. They just came from school.

After dinner, they went to Elnor’s room, maybe to rest or go to sleep. Since there were only the 3 of us in house, they asked me to sleep in the room with them. Elnor’s bed was big, which she could share with Cindy. There was also a sofa bed where I could just take my sleep. The sofa bed was parallel to the bed, about 2 feet away. The room has a bathroom too, opposite the side of the sofa bed.

As soon as I got in, they went to the bathroom to take their shower. So I just seated at the couch and watched the television. I could hear them giggling in the bathroom. The door was partly ajar, so I tried to peek through but the shower curtain blocked my sight.

When they were done, they came out in their bath robes and towels. So I took my turn to take a shower. I locked the door behind me. Soon to my surprise, they left their undies in the hooks. I gave myself a good sniff of their panties. Traces of dried wetness in their panties were very much apparent. I saw some tiny soft pubic hairs in the panties. I got a good stiff that time. I was never malicious with my cousin, though when we were younger, we used to take shower together naked. But that was a long time ago. I tried to jack off then, stroking myself while sniffing the panties, but did not continue it because I was scared they would catch me doing it.

When I was done with the shower, I went out with the towel wrapped around my waists, same way I did when I went in. They were now in bed under the sheets, with only their faces out. They were not asleep yet. They were wide awake and observing me, smiling.

When I searched for my clothing, I could not find them anymore. Then I asked them about my clothing, and they both giggled and smiled back at me. So I assumed they hide them. They said, “just go under the sheets at the sofa naked”… I dimmed the lights and went naked under the sheets.

I was having a fabulous erection as soon as I hit the sofa, just thinking about their panties. While they were talking to each other, I closed my eyes hoping to get myself to sleep. I was just basically resting at my side facing them because I could not get to sleep; they were noisy.

Perhaps an hour and a half passed by, and I heard Cindy wanting to go to the bathroom to pee. I made a small opening on my eyelids to see them, and I saw Cindy standing naked, in between their bed and the sofa bed, her back on me. I could see her butt. I did not move. She walked and went to the bathroom. Then I saw my cousin sat on the bed, the sheets rolled down from her breasts to her lap. I realized that they went to bed naked.

When Cindy was done in the bathroom, my cousin stood up and headed to the bathroom. Cindy put on the lights and looked at me. When she noticed that I was not moving, she walked to the dresser and brushed her hair. Her back was totally towards me. While brushing, I saw her eyes and hands inspecting her own body. She slightly rubbed her pubic hair down, making an effort to straighten them.

Then my cousin came out. And I saw her front view, from head to toe. Also naked. She went close to Cindy, and together they inspected their own bodies. While their backs were on me, I could see their front in the mirror.

My cousin rubbed her pubic hair also. They inspected their breasts, individually yet. Then my cousin faced Cindy and reached her pubic hair, and said, “yours are very fine, soft and still short. Look at mine, they are unruly and long. Sometimes, I would trim them, but recently I do not have time to do it.” They giggled again. Cindy touched the breasts of my cousin and wandered her hand around the firm breasts of my cousin.

Then they went to bed, with Cindy passing by the sofa bed, and I saw her soft and fine pubic, and her firm and tender breasts with her nipples pinkish. I had an instant erection then. Since I was lying on my side, they could not notice my erection under the blanket.

They just took an Indian sit on the bed, facing each other. Then I saw them reaching for each other pussy. They giggled. Then, they repositioned the way they were seated; they folded their knees and spread their legs. They started to touch their pussy without inhibition. From time to time, they would look at me. They were enjoying their act. Then they lay on their backs and masturbated side by side. Sometimes, they would reach for each other’s pussy.

I reached for my penis and stroke it under the sheets. I would stop to avoid being caught. Cindy was hornier. She was noisy with her ahhh and ohhhh, shiiiit, and ow my gossssh… my cousin was all ahhh…

Cindy was very unstable, she kept on moving, even half rotating in bed, that it got to a point that for a short while her pussy was totally exposed to me. She would grab the hand of my cousin and place it in her vagina. I knew they were soon coming, and Cindy kept looking towards me. So I pretended to be fast asleep in order not to disrupt her momentum. I knew deep within me then that if I move Cindy would loose her concentration.

Cindy’s legs were wide apart now. In fact one of her legs went off the bed. She looked towards me, observing me.

I was shocked with the next move of Cindy. While fingering herself, she stood up, again next to the sofa bed. Stared at my face. I kept my cool. Didn’t move. Pretended to be asleep. Then she grabbed the sheets out of me, exposing my body. Surprised, I straightened myself and my erect penis was also exposed; I tried to cover it with my hands. She then grabbed my hands and asked me to help her. So I momentarily stroke her clit and pussy.

She then laid on her back crosswise my cousin in bed, with her legs facing my sofa bed, her lower legs hanging from the bed. I knelt in front of her legs, spread her legs and licked her pussy. She spread her legs ever wider, now placing her feet at the edge of the bed. I continued to give her a good lick at the hood of her clit. I also sucked the clit. And licked the opening. She grasped for breath, she was trembling and shaking, moaning… She cummed and I tried to gulp her juices by sucking the opening very hard.

By this time, my cousin continued trying to reach orgasm. I sat next to her and watched her. She opened her eyes a bit. With her other hand, she grabbed my neck and directed my head to her breasts. So I sucked the breasts. She was moaning too.

At this time, Cindy regained herself and positioned next to me, watching me suck my cousin’s breasts. I was bending over the body of my cousin, in a kneeling position, with my legs between hers. Cindy reached for my penis and stroke and rubbed it. Then she whispered me to lie on top of my cousin. So I did. I rode on my cousin’s body while sucking her breasts. I was then lower than my cousin’s body. I could feel her pubic in my belly. So I moved myself up.

My cousin spread her legs wider to accommodate my body, while her finger continued to stroke her clit. Cindy was then caressing, and rubbing my butt. Cindy again whispered “get into her now, she’s coming in a bit…”

So I lifted my butt a bit, with my legs and thighs slightly open, Cindy capped my balls and penis, then as I thrust down my hips towards my cousin’s, Cindy guided my erect penis to the wet pussy of my cousin. There was no penetration, but as I glided back and forth, the trunk of my penis rubbed against my cousin’s vagina opening. My cousin was embracing me tightly then

Then my cousin cummed. With the sight of her cumming, I cummed at her anus and into the bed sheet. Cindy was smiling, looking at us.

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