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Touchy Feely

Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: her closet
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My family and the family across the street had always been very close. They had an older son that was roughly the same age as my 2 sisters, and a daughter who was just 5 months older then me, lucky huh?

We had gone through the usual “doctor” games from the ages of 7-9 i suppose, but i remember very distinctivly where it turned from innocent exploration to the need to reallly explore. We were swimming in my pool when we started playing tag or some shit, and when reaching out to tag her, i was peeking of course, i reached for her pussy. She giggled and we swam to the deep end step and sat there. I asked her if she wanted to play doctor, but a little more advanced and she said sure. It was so comfortable compared to some of the other tales told here. We went into my room that first nite, and reciprocated touching… which moved to questions on whether or not we would do oral to each other, which we did. We played a little game of doing oral on each other for periods of time like 2 min. I never came during those days, i think i was too young.

The next day i went over to her house and her uncle sent me back to her room. We messed around a lot that day too. We were in the closet so her uncle wouldnt see us if he walked in her room. I told her i wanted to try to do it to her and she said she was scared of getting pregnant. I was 10, had no idea rubbers were even sold at, so i told her to get a plastic baggy, some idea right? She did, and while she was out there realized that Uncle B was asleep. When she came in we did it with her on top. There was absolutly no movement involved, because we didnt know that was part of it. We just sat there connected, hot as hell, in this cramped closet. Needless to say, this arrangement was a onetime deal, for a few years anyways. Once we had seen porno movies, and people fucking hard and in and out and such, we tryed it a couple more times…. I was kinda nervous though because she had pubic hairs and i didnt, stupid huh? I shoulda just fucked her a million more times but i didnt, i got nervous and pussed out.

I am married now, but i think about her constantly… its one of those “give me another whirl” deals i think. This story might not have been exiting, but its no lie at least.

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