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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Homestay house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I have read a few stories from other exchange students from this site.
I also have had some memorable experiences while in Toronto with my homestay family.
I am very shy and quite, but I as well was determined to have many experiences here that I may not have at home.
My English is pretty good now because I have been in Canada for 4 years now, and my plans are to stay longer.

I also had a sexual experience with the homestay man without any problems with the homestay woman.

It started with talking late at night with Steve, and it got better from there. He was 30 years old and made it known he was interested in me.

We talked about everthing we could to keep conversation going, and we started to talk about more personal things.
We also watched TV together, and got alot closer that way.

One night we were both wearing bathrobes, and watching TV. He offered to me a neck rub, and I agreed to it. I waited for some type of contact with him.

He suggested I pull my robe off my shoulders and sit between his legs. I wasn’t wearing anything under my robe and I got excitted.

The massage got lower and so did my robe, then I saw and felt his hands reach around and touch my tummy and breasts. I leaned back alittle, and reach around with my hand,so I could feel his crotch (under his bathrobe).

Once I touched him he undid the tie to my robe and openned it up. As I continued to play with his erection he was rubbing and touching between my legs. My legs were spread enough to let him get to me easily, and his feet hooked around mine to keep them spread the way he wanted them.

I felt so good and especially relaxed I think because we weren’t face to face yet (that made it easier to enjoy the feeling without being watched).

I think I was so excitted because of the age difference between us. He was experienced and I wanted an experience.

The touching lasted awhile before he asked me to lay down on my tummy on the couch we were sitting on. I saw his bathrobe drop onto the floor once I was lying down. I felt him kneel over me and start rubbing my between my legs. His finger entered me slowly and gentlely (it felt unbelievable). I started to move and get into what he was doing, then I felt his erection between my butt cheeks.

He lifted me up from my waist, so I was kneeling, then he slowly and again gentlely started to have sex with me from behind.It was GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

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