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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: At home my room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Lynn was always my best friend since 2nd grade. It was summer between 7th and 8th grade. As usual we were always together at her house or mine. We did everything kids do played ball, watched TV, played board games etc.

Our parents were friends also so they just never paid much attention to where we were since we always hung out.
Lynn was changing! When we would rough house and wrestle I noticed she was soft in some places. When I noticed, it started to make me get hard and I was embarrassed.

We were on the floor in the family room playing clue and home alone. She had on a lose halter top and I just couldnt help looking down at her pink niples and the way her chest looked big. She saw me looking, and just leined forward on her hands with her arms straight so I could see better. I reached up and felt her through the top and we were looking at each other and I said nerviously “you really feel soft.” The kitched door opened and she said she had to go.

The next morning she came over and said we should go to her place . I said ok and went with her. We went to her room and sat on the floor. She said it felt nice when I touched her and asked me if I wanted to do it again. I said sure and she pulled her top off and scotted over closer to me. I gently ran my hands over her breasts. She said to pinch them gently so I did. I asked what it felt like because she was sighing softly with her eyes closed. She said it felt good all down her tummy and between her legs.
She leined back against the bed and while I touched her she put her hand between her legs and was pressing and rubbing.

I was hard but since both my hands were on her breasts there was nothing iI could do, so I asked her to put her hand on me. She opened her eyes and put her hand on me then asked what she should do. I said just rub, but it hurt through my shorts. I got on my knees and pulled them down, and then she was really excited about the way I looked pointing straight out. All I had on was shorts, underpants and flip flops so when they came down, I was naked.

She said she would take her pants off also so she could feel herself better. when she did, she asked me to put my mouth on her breast like a baby. I did and she really started to moan. She said she couldnt believe how nice it felt. We were now laying on the floor and I was laying between her legs so I could suck each breast. She was pushing against me, and she felt slippery. I moved up so I could press my penis against her and when I slid across her opening, we both were shocked at the pleasure. She put her arms around me and pulled me close. I pressed a little more and just slid in.

She made a sound like it hurt and took a sudden breath but then relaxed again and said just move so we can feel more. My climax came as a jolt and a supprise and I got so sensitive I had to stop. She held me and said stay in. I layed there and then it started to feel good again so I moved and she said ok so I did again. This time Lynn was really feeling good and kept shaking and squizing me down their with her body. When I got the climax again i moved hard and fast. Lynn was almost crying and when I stopped she said ok no more.

We learned about our bodies over the summer and stayed close friends.

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