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tokyo school girl

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: tokyo
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I spent my high school junior year in Japan with my parents, my dad had a job as visiting professor at Tokyo University.
I was not at all excited about this, missing my friends, my school, the food etc. and not speaking a single word of Japanese.
I was put in a high school there and boy was it boring. I couldn’t understand a thing in the classroom, talk to no one and felt completely left alone. Most students could read and write some English, but a conversation was hardly possible.
So I looked for other things to do and soon found my favorite place to be – the girls’ bathroom! I left class during session to have some time to prepare and not be seen going in there. First I picked a stall that suited me and then mounted a tiny video camera on top of the door, it was almost impossible to see it there since I could place it next to the garment hook which had the same dark color as the camera. I waited in the neighboring stall for the next break, and the girls would swarm in. What a pleasure to see their pretty Asian pussies, some shaved bare, some with bushy hair, some neatly trimmed. To see their legs, their butts, in all forms and shapes. Most wore pantyhose, but some had thigh highs on, you couldn’t normally see the difference as the skirts were going over the knees. Some even had tattoos in the crotch areas or on their butts. It was a great thrill to me and I did that almost every day for a break or two. I would sometimes jerk off several times during a single break.
Some girls were a bit bolder than others and I saw several of these cuties touching themselves between their legs and rubbing until they came with a big orgasm. I enjoyed seeing their relaxed faces after that! Some even stuck a finger of their cute hands into their ass while they masturbated to increase the pleasure.
For the longest time I was just watching in amazement and thoroughly enjoying my way of attending a Japanese high school. But more and more I felt that I needed more than that.
One day I decided to leave the door to my stall unlocked and slightly open and waited what would happen. Indeed, a girl soon came in thinking it was not occupied. I quicly grabbed her and held her mouth shut because I didn’t want her to scream out loud. She wrestled with me first but then gave in and I let her go demonstrating her to keep quiet.
I locked the door and unzipped my pants. She took her hands in front of her mouth and turned away, ashamed. I took her hands and placed them on my cock which was an 8 incher and as hard as steel. She knew what to do now and gave me an awesome massage with her cute little fingers. Her nails were medium long and had white polish on them and I enjoyed it most when she gently stroke my cock with them. When precum was dripping out it was time for a blowjob and surprisingly she knew how to do that as well. Very well indeed. Her tongue slid around my hard-on like a small serpent and she was taking in my cock deep in her throat, at times gently biting it with her teeth. I was so turned on by that and indicated to her to undress. She took off her school uniform, shoes, pantyhose and I helped her out of her bra and her panties. I massaged her sweet little breasts and watched as her dark nipples grew and became erect. I first fingered and then licked her pussy and enjoyed the juices of this hot Asian girl. She started to moan and that was my sign to gently insert my cock into her pussy. I broke her virginity and she screamed a little, gladly by then the break was over and classes were in session again, so there was no one else in the bathroom. I embraced her and squeezed her body tightly to mine, feeling her breasts, her breath, then kissing her intensively. My cock moved slowly in and out of her pussy, then I fucked her harder and harder until we both came in an awesome orgasm.
She dressed and left the stall, smiling at me when she turned around.
While she was my frist time fuck, she certainly was not the last one in that high school. I was sad when the year was over and I had to return to the States. I still was into Asian women then and am happily married to one now.

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