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Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: Her bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My mother, my 10 year old sister, and I moved into an old house after my parents divorced. It only had 2 bedrooms but they were very large and my mother talked the owner into putting a divider in one of the rooms. He was so cheap, though, that he finished only one side with paneling. My sister chose that room, leaving me with the room with the exposed studs. The owner had used cheap paneling and there was a crack that I taped over and I covered the walls with posters. Being a horny 12, I only taped the poster over the crack at the top so I could lift it and see into my sister’s room. She was just starting to develop, but that was enough for me to beat off to.

I came home from shooting some baskets one night to find my mother watching a movie on TV. She told me not to bother my sister as she had a sleep-over guest. I said that I only wanted to go to bed as I was really tired. She told me again not to play any tricks as I had put a handfull of peanut hulls in my sister’s bed the last time she had someone over. I promised to stay out of her room and went to mine. Leaving the light off, I pulled up the poster over the crack and took the tape off. I had made the crack bigger and had a clear view of my sister’s room. She and Keisha, her friend, were laying on the bed, listening to music. There were long pauses in their conversations and finally my sister asked Keisha why she was so moody. Keisha told her she would be moody, too, if she had planned to let her boyfriend “do it” that night, but his family had gone to a family reunion and he couldn’t stay at home. My sister immediately began to question her about what she and Tyrone had done. Keisha told her that they had not “done it” yet, but had tried and Tyrone had shot off before getting in. My sister was all ears, asking about had he fingered her pussy, how big his dick was, what it looked like, etc. Keisha told her that they had done everything except fuck and that his dick was 5 inches long, but not very big around. Keisha asked my sister how far she had gone and she said that she had only let her boyfriend play with her titties and rub her pussy over her panties. She said she was afraid to let him put his finger in her pussy because it was too small for anything except her finger. She asked Keisha how big her pussy was and how much hair she had. This led to them stripping and comparing titties and pussies. Keisha had larger titties, about the size of peaches, but only a little fuzz on her pussy. My sister had titties about the size of plums but she had fuzz on top of her mound and some down the lips of her pussy. I knew about my sister’s titties and pussy, so I spent most of the time looking at Keisha. After rubbing their pussies for a few minutes, my sister dared Keisha to try to put her hairbrush handle in her pussy. Not one to refuse a dare, Keisha put some lotion on the handle and slowly eased it in. It was about the size of my dick and gave me an idea. About that time I shot my wad on the wall. Luckily, they had turned the music down and heard my mother turn off the TV and they just had time to get into their nightgowns before she came in and told them to get to bed. I covered the crack again and went to bed.

After Keisha went home the next day, I made some excuse about a game and left the house. I hotfooted it over to Keisha’s house, knowing her family was out and she was home alone. It took her a long time to answer the door and she was in a robe when she opened it. She told me her brother was gone, but I told her I hadn’t come to see him. She looked puzzled until I told her I had come to see her. I pushed by her and closed the door and told her I had come to get some of what Tyrone had not gotten because he shot off too soon. She tightened her arms around the robe and told me she didn’t know what I was talking about and I had to leave. I took her by the arm and lead her into her room, telling her that I had heard what she told my sister the night before and I would tell her brother if I didn’t get some. She started crying and begged me not to tell. I was feeling her up while this was going on and had my hand on her bare tittie before she noticed it. I could feel the nipple getting hard and pulled her robe open to suck on it. I played with the other one and sucked it too while feeling up her stomach and down toward her pussy. I kissed her when she started to complain again and pulled her robe off. Her pussy was beginning to get wet and open up and she began to push it up to me when I put my finger in. I rubbed her little clit and she began to hump it up against my hand. I took her hand and put it on my hard cock and she began to rub it. I stopped long enough to strip out of my clothes before putting it back into her hand. She started to stroke it but I wouldn’t let her beat me off. Instead, I crawled between her legs and set it in the opening of her pussy. She tried to push me off at first but soon was pushing her ass up toward me. I gave a hard shove and felt it go in to the balls. She screamed with pain but her tone changed to pleasure on the second stroke. Although I had beat off that morning, the heat and tightness of her pussy caused me to come after a couple of minutes. She thought I was finished and tried to get me to get off, but I told her I was not a one shot guy like Tyrone. I started to fuck again after a minute and she started to moan and tell me to fuck harder and faster. She came twice before I shot my second wad. She cleaned up the bed and washed her pussy with my help and then I talked her into blowing me while I licked and sucked her pussy. I then left as it was getting close to time for her family to get back.

My mother went out that night, telling me to stay at home with my sister. Man, was the fox left to watch the chicken house. I went into the bathroom while my sister was taking her bath and got into the tub with her. She screamed for me to get out, that she would tell our mother. I told her that I would tell about her and Keisha playing with their pussies and that she had let her boyfriend play with her titties and pussy. She screamed even louder but soon calmed down as she thought about it. She still resisted when I started washing her titties and then her pussy. I soaped it up good and finally got my finger into it. She said it didn’t hurt very much, but just felt full. After drying her off, I took her back to her room and layed her on her bed. I put a towel under her ass and began to play with and lick her pussy. She quickly began to like the licking and began to moan when I took her little clit in my mouth to suck it. I made her come and then decided her pussy was wet enough and relaxed enough for the next stage, that of me fucking her. I was between her legs with my dick in the opening of her pussy before she realized what was happening. She tried to push me off but I held on and kept pushing. I got the head in before she began to cry that it was hurting. I relaxed for a minute, letting the head soak in her. She thought I was stopping and began to relax. After another minute she began to move back and forth, rubbing the head against her lips. As soon as she began to moan I gave a hard shove and bottomed out. She really screamed then and pushed against me but I just held on. When she gave out, I began to pump my dick in and out of her pussy. She was much tighter than Keisha but got wet quicker. She soon began to hump her ass up at me and we had a good fuck. She didn’t come but said she liked it after her pussy quit hurting. She wanted to fuck again but I told her I had to rest a little while before I could do it again. I told her about fucking Keisha while we were resting. She was mad at first but soon began to question me about Keisha – how tight she was, was she a better fuck, what all we had done, etc. I assured her that she was a much better fuck. She asked me if Keisha had really sucked my dick and, when I told her that she had, she decided to try it. It took her a little while to get the hang of it and she wouldn’t suck me all the way off because she wanted to fuck again to see if it was better the second time. It must have been as she came just before I did. She quickly started to fuck other boys but would let me have a piece whenever I was hardup. She also helped me get several of her friends. I also recommended some of my friends for her to fuck.

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