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Tina and Christie

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My teachers house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Her name was Tina , she was 28 and my english teacher . Oh god was she hot . Perfectly shaped body , cute little
arse and huge tits .
For about three months or so I had been eying her out every English lesson , then I would go home and toss off
over her . Then one day I was packing up my bag , then I had to close all of the blinds ( as it was last period ) . So I
walked upto her and saw her bend over to pick some papers off her chair . So I thought hereÆs my chance . I went
over to her and placed my hand on her arse . That really shocked her , she stood up and turned around . Then she
said , ô oh itÆs you . What would you like ?ö
ô So I said that I want to fuck your sexy body .ö Her eyes lit up .
ô Ok ô she replied . ôCome to my house at 6pm , just when it gets dark .ö
ôIÆll be there .ö Then just as I turned to leave , she grabbed my arm , pulled me back and pash me . It was great .
It was 6pm and I walked up to her front door feeling really horny . Not long after the door bell rang , she
opened the door . Fuck she was hot . She was wearing a little pink tank top , very short white cheerleaders skirt ,
white high heels and little frilly socks . Then I went in and just as she shut the door I turned around and we started
making out , and feeling each other up . We slowly made our way up to her room .
When we finally made it to her room I took off her top and began sucking and bighting on her nipples .
Then she ripped off my shirt and did the same to me . This went on for 10 minutes . I couldnÆt take it any longer , I
had to taste her sweet pussy . I got down on my knees and began to lick her ou t ,play with her clit and finger her .
I did this for about 15 minutes and god she tasted great .
Now it was her turn , I lay back on the bed and she pulled off my pant and just starred as she revealed my
9 inch slong . Hten she wnet down and sucked me off for 10 minutes . I had never felt anything like that before .
Now was action time . We rolled over and just waited for me to fuck her . I slowly guided my cock into her
dripping vagina . I began pumping really hard , which made her hurt but she was enjoying it . After a minute we
both came to exploding orgasims , both of us screamed in joy. We went on for four more hours in many different
positions .
Around 10pm , just before she was about to come for the last time , I glanced over to the door to she her
twelve year old daughter naked in the doorway rubbing her clit. God that turned me on . Just as Tina began to
come I told Christie to come over . She was so hot too . Nice little set of tits , and a tight little prebubescent pussy.
So I got out of Tina and told Christie to lay there with her legs spread wide and she did . She was wet from
watching us , so I slipped in my cock and as she did she let out a scream of pain but happiness . We fucked for
about twentie minutes when we both cum and I pulled out .
That night was the greatest night of my life . Now I go over there Three days a week to study . But I tell
you , not much study gets done .

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