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Age when it happend: Both of us were 13
Where it happened: On hideaway bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was staying the night with a family that was long time friends of the family. It happened at night time when all were asleep.
They had a daughter that I was in love with, but did not think that she liked me all that much. Anyways, I was sleeping in the
living room, on the hide-a-way, and as I was about to fall a sleep I felt someone crawl into the bed with me. I was in shock to turn
over and find out that it was Gloria, (the girl that I liked) She smiled at me and cuddled up close to my body. I was really scared,
and thought what would happen if anyopne came downstairs and caught us. I became very arroused, because she had not a stitch of clothing
on and niether did I. I was only wearing my boxers, and had a hell of a hard on. I know what was going to happen…. She askedme to lay
on top of her, and I did as she asked… We kissed for a bit and I felt her soooo warm down there. She grabbed my penis, and tried to put
it in her. It took us about five minutes to get me in, and with in two strokes I came inside her. It was my first time experiencing a
orgasm! I was very scared and so weas she, we both lay there together, and she asked me to do it again. So we did it, and it took me a
bit longer to come, but I did, and this time she made me pull out onto her belly. I thought that after that she would become pregnant,
but I remember that she can not, because it was her first time as well. We have dated secretley, and have experimented with other sex stuff,
we are still together. She has pubic hair now and so do I, and we think it makes it better to enjoy sex.

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