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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

it started when i was 14years old mom started working 16 hours a night 6 days a week her and my stepdad did not have much time for each other. one night my stepdad was in his room watching porn movies it was a lonely night i had a bad dream and went to his room and ask him if i could sleep in here as i talked to him i could see his huge cock it was thick and long all i had on was a very thin nighty no panties he said ok so i got in bed with him he turned his movie off but i told him he could watch it if he wanted to.i layed on the side with the tv he laid on his side faceing me watching it i ask him if he would rub my belly like mom to help me sleep so he did i asked if i could watch the movie with him he said ok my pussy was hot and wet bynow i could feel his cock against my leg it was hard i asked him if would rub my back now so i turned on my side when i did my nighty slide up my ass showing he started rubbing my back and pushed back against him his cock pushing against my ass he slide his hand up to my 32c breast and started playing with thim i told him to let me suck his cock and he could fuck me in my ass then my pussy he turned on to his back his huge fat cock sticking up i started licking to shaft up and down then i stuck the head in my mouth it was so huge i suked on it for a long time i could taste his man juice dripping out i took my nighty off so he could see my body i moved to the edge of the bed and spread my legges wide for him he walked around his huge cock sticking out i told him to fuck me in my ass first he smiled and said this is going to be nice your mom would never suck my cock or let me fuck her ass i told him to fuck me hard deep rough and mean he rub baby oil on his cock made it very slick he slowly stuck the head in my tight little asshole i could feel my ass hole stretch ass it went in i screamed and told him to shove it all in at one time all 12 inches so he grabed my tits and shoved every inch in it hurt so bad i started crying and tolded him it felt good not to stop he fuck me hard deep in my ass my pussy was dripping wet he pulled my nipples hard pinching them then he started rubbing and pulling on my clit i told him to shove every inch into my tight pussy anytime he wanted i told i wanted to feel my pussy get stretched wide open with his huge cock he pulled it out my ass stuck the head between my pussy lips and shoved it deep inside me it feld my pussy full his cock started throbbing he said he was about to cum i told him to cum in my pussy and mouth and he did i licked and sucked his monster cock all night long he cummed in all my holes last night date 01/20/2009 i told him anytime he wanted me to say so and i will come to bed with you we live in custer ky if there is anymen around this area that wants to fuck a young white girl look me up i stand 4foot 11 inches 32.21.33 long blck hair maby you can make a dream come true always dreamed of getting fucked by 10 men at one time not young boys but older men ones that know how to fuck a girl in all holes would love to take 3 in me at same time in my mouth my pussy and ass long thick monster cocks white are black dont matter

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