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Where it happened: There bedroom
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I was with two of my girlfriend who I will call O and Y who were sisters when we started watching a porno tape I brought over. One of them said I wonder how it would feel and the other one said it too. I said Well take off your clothes and I will show you. They hesitated a little bit both then they stripped naked. I stripped and then O gave me a blowjob while Y kissed me all over. I blew my load into O and then Y said she wanted to try. Y gave me a blowjob and I shot another load into her. Then I ate O and then Y out as they kissed each other. Then I said it is time for me to ride one of ya. First I rode Y. I shoved my dick into her pussy as she moaned with pleasure while O had her pussy over her mouth as I licked it. O cummed all over my mouth and I cummed in Y. I rode Y fast and furious pumping in and out and in and out. I herd Y’s cherry pop soon after that. Then O and Y switched and I rode O and Y had her pussy on my face. I rode O the same way I rode Y. Then we decided to ass fuck. First I fucked O. I stuck my dick into her as she moaned with pleasure. I cummed into her and I then ass fucked Y. After that we just layed there in their bed sleeping. We still do itbut with a condom now.

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