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Three’s Company : )

Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: grandma's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Well, this is not your typical, “Oh! This is my first time!” deals. Actually, it was my first(and probably only)time ever, that I had the pleasure of experiencing a THREESOME. It happened in the summer of 96, I was housekeeping for my grandmother, who lived in Phoenix. I was well acquainted with this Turkish delight, whom I’ll name her as Mel. Mel, was into kinky stuff. She had no inhibitions whatsoever! We had a sexual relationship, with no “strings attached”. Which was cool! No hang-ups, or drama! I also knew that Mel was(still is) bisexual. She had a friend whom she bragged to me about, that wanted to meet me. Her name was,(again, I’ll name her)Van. Van, like Mel, is a petite with small tits, but a nice firm, curvacious ass, that justified every clothes she wore. On August 4th, 1996, the Menage a Trois happened! Mel, Van, and I, had smoked and drank two full bottles of red wine. We started to wrestle(playfully)Mel and Van, both were wearing latex bikinis. Mel wore a bright blue latex bikini and Van wore a bright red latex bikini. No Bullshit! Van, started to tickle me, as Mel casually unbuttoned my 501’s. She pulled my pants down, and was surprised to find that I don’t wear any underwear! She was taken aback, but that didn’t stop her from licking the tip of my penis, as Van situated herself on my face. I began to lick Van’s rim of her shaved vagina, until I started to lick her “lil’ ball”(clit). At this point, Mel’s cocksucking, had erected my penis RED HARD. Mel inserted my penis into her vagina, and started to slowly go up and down on my RED HARD penis, as she was licking Van’s back, giving her hickies, as she pleasured Van’s nipples. Van had an orgasm, as I tasted the warm and salty taste of her natural juices. I had cum, as Mel insisted that I don’t pull out, because she wanted her pussy filled with my flowing cum, like a bowl of milk. THIS WAS DEFINITELY A THREE’S COMPANY GONE PORNO! LOL “Let’s hear it for Jack Tripper!” LOL

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