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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: My dads bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

Well me and Megan had been going out for about a month and one day i asked her to come over to me house so we can watch a movie or something. At about 8:00 the door bell rang, it was her in a pair of skin tight lether pants and a really tight playboy shirt. The second i saw her i got a stiffy.
I asked her to come in and to just sit town on the courch. And she did. I went to the kitchen and came back with some beers. Once we finished our beers we started to back out. Then just messing around with her i said, ” that outfit looks really nice but it will look better on my floor” And she said ok and she took it all off.
At first I was in shock but then i stood up and took all my cloths off. We started to make out. then she went down on me as she sucked my 9 in cock. I watched her head go up and down. When i finally came in her mouth we went up to my dad’s bedroom. there i sucked on her hard nipples and started to finger her at the same time. After about a hour of messing around having oral sex i took my cock and shoved it in to her really hard and fast like she told me to do.
After awhile her moans turned into screams. As i looked at her breast bouncing up and down i got even more horny. I tring my best to cum but for some reason it just wouldn’t cum. She had already had two orgasims and i was still tring to work on my first. About a hour and a half later i finally came. She said it was really good. but we were both sore after werds.
That night she went home and called up her best friend and told her about her exsperince with me. About a week later they both came over and we all had a three some this time on my bed. It was probaly the best day i ever had. Megan told all her friend how good i was and ever since then their has never been a week that i haven’t got it. Me and Megan are already broken up but she still to this day comes to me to get it as good as her first time. As time goes on i learn new tricks and new was in having sex. Now i have already had sex well over 45 times with more then 13 women. But i tell you each time i never do it with out a condom. And still i pull out before i cum. And i get a aid test taking once a month but sex is really good. The best time was when i had sex with Megan’s 22 year old sister while Megan just watched us.

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