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the worst fuck ever

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: somebody elses house...don't really remember
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I was a young and stupid kid…and a virgin to boot…and something had to change. I couldn’t change my being stupid, so I opted for the whole “virgin” thing. I was seeing this girl when i was a junior in high school, and come to think of it, i was really desperate to be going out with her, even though she was a senior…but, she was nice for the most part. I say this not to be an asshole…but she had a nickname in my school because she wore WAY too much makeup…we all called her clayface, but i guess i had to be somewhat attracted to her to put up with seeing her, and being ridiculed at school at the same time.

So we see each other for somewhere around three months, and we talk about going further everytime we go out…but nothing happens…(actually, she might have given me a blowjob, but it must not have been that good if i can’t truly recall) until her senior prom rolls around. Maybe she didn’t want to go off to college as a virgin… but we decide we will both make our foray into adulthood on the night of the lamest excuse for a party. The prom sucked SO much ass…that we left early… so we could go to our final destination and GET IT ON. We arrived at one of our friend’s house…and poured some champagne, put on the soft music… and basically did nothing until she said it was now time to do what I hoped would be the greatest experience of my young life… I was wrong.

First thing that didn’t work…. we were there with one of our friends and her boyfriend. Second thing: It was about thirty degrees in the basement/den, which was where we were shaking up for the night. Third thing: this is a bit graphic, but,because she wasn’t very thin…(actually she was a porker) and because I am not very large, I kept slipping out of her like a wet noodle. As a result, I couldn’t stay hard long enough to please the both of us. Needless to say, she was pissed that she couldn’t experience the act of love making the way it was portrayed in the movies (she should have laid off the Ring Dings)…and I was pissed, because no matter what, that will always be my first time…sex sucks.

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