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the stars

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: campground
Langauge: engliiiiiish
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

um, okay i know where to start. i was going out with this guy for awhile and i had him staying at my house all the time. we started to have sex about two days in our relationship. heres how the first time i ever did it with him went. We went to my house after school and it was friday, my g-ma usually let guys stay over, but they were mostly gay, and i was still a virgin. But we started to make out real hard and passionatly, then he starts to grop on me, touching me everywhere, i was so nervous. Then he looks at me real serious and ask me if i really want to do this.i was already so hot and wet and i did so bad, but my aunt comes in and she didnt know that i had a boyfriend and all so we scooted away from eachother. After she walked out we started to make out again and i grabbed his BIG hard cock through his pants, so i told him that if we were going to do it, it couldnt be in my house b/c my aunt was staying tonight and ya know how that goes. He told me that we can go to his house but we would have to be really quite cuz his dad was there and i didnt like his dad and his dad didnt like me, so i told him that we could go down to the camp grounds, it was november and kind of cold but i really didnt care, nobody was even close to being near the campgrounds and plus they were closed. So at midnight we went to the camp grounds and found a picnic table, and we started to make out and touch eachother eveywhere, i have really big boobs, 46D so yea, but everytime he touched me anywhere i felt so aroused, he got real hard and i pulled down his pants and started to suck on his cock, and i got alot of precum in my mouth, but neither of us had a condom on us, so i was really afraid cuz i didnt want to get prego. but he insisted that everything would be ok and that he wuld pull out before he cummed, but he started to suck on my tits and kissing my stomach and he kept going farther down with each kiss, and when he reached my pussy he started to lick and suck and oh my god it felt so good and i screamed and moaned and i came twice, finally i told him i was ready, he said okay, he was standing at complete attention, ohmygod it was huge, and i knew it would hurt, but he said he would be careful, so he begain to finger me a little to open me up so it wouldnt hurt so bad but i think he got like 3 fingers in me and i came all over his hand, he said i squirted, i blushed alil but he didnt see that, so then he slowly began to stick it in and he started to tease me only the tip in and out in and out, omg i thought i was going to die if he didnt stick it in already, i didnt say anything but then he shoved it in me so hard and i moaned and screamed and came all at once, we fucked with my legs over his shoulders for about 10 min then we were constantly trying diffrent positions. then after we were done and he said he was bout to come i sat up grabbed his dick and started to suck really fast and hard and he exploded in my mouth and all down my throat, it tasted so good but there was blood all over the table, but he ate me out and made sure i came once more before we left to go to my house.we layed there for awhile after we were done and sat and watched the stars and the moon and it was so romantic. we are no longer together but my bf now gives better head than he did anyway, but it was very

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