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the right time

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: his home
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My first time was good my boyfriend is two years older than me he’s 18, we where going to mall and get some candy and Mr. & Mrs. Smith the movie and went back how, we use to talk about sex but never try it, just the dry humping, my man name is fady, we sat on the sofa and run the DVD and I was deeply watching when his hand come over my head and took my mouth to his, and I didn’t do anything to make him stop, after the kiss he said that the movie turn him sooooooo on and he want to dry hump me and I said yes sure why not? This time I was really on not like usual, we go up to his room with the king size bed and took off our cloth and kept our underwear but my surprise was when he put his hand and try to put them in my pussy I didn’t told him to stop like I usual do and said that am not ready yet, I was on the bed edge and he was over me and I can tell that he have a great body and he was softly kissing my lips and fingering my wet and pushing his chest over mine I can feel all his body then he took off my bra and licked my nipples I was like oh yah go head that’s goooood then he stood up and pull me back on the bed and pull my panties down and ate my pussy and I can feel his tong in this time I was moaning in low voice but when his tong play in I was moaning louder he kept doing this till I cum then he sit by me and said “ what a great you are, and you know I love you, sweety” then he huge me and kiss me I told him “can you……..” then I stop “ can I what?” he asked “ can you fuck me?” I said then he asks do you mean it? But you always said no I mean if you want to I will but I want to be sure that your ganna be alright? I said lets try he add but any time if you feel that you want to stop just say it and am not ganna lie but it will maybe hurt you but I will take all care try not to hurt you, I looked at him and smiled “your nervous more than I” then he said “cuz I rally love you and care about you” and he kissed me and pull his boxer down now am nervous his cock is hug about 9 inc I told him that I am, he said okay will see how we will go he put his cock head on my pussy and I took a deep breath and closed my eyes he was between my legs witch they was wide open and his head on my shoulder and his hand one on my back and the other on the bed and he try to put the head in I moan it feels good I cant wait then he push in out with his cock head only and he whispered in my ear “your so tight” then he try to push more and I yell at him to move it hurt he took off his cock and hugged me then we looked dawn and I was bleeding he get a towel and put it under me min or less and no more bleed and by this time I was crying he stood up between my legs again and put the head in and huge me and kiss me and told me to relax, take a deep breath and relax he push more and it hurt and I was crying he pushed till it all the way in then he hugged me and ask if am okay I said yes he kept it in till I stop crying then he pump in out so slow and the pain where out of my head and all I want is to faster I was moaning loud and he kept slow abut 15min then he got faster OMG I we was moaning so loud and am sure that the neighbors heard us then he flip me on my face and took my pussy up in the air and he ate me when I cum he put me back on my back and entered me and after not long he cum inside me and when he cum there was like a river in me with vibrator and I had orgasm on the same time he scream so loud and scared me but It’s okay I’ll take on him then he took off his cock and all mixed cum where out and it was too much abut two cups then he huge me and I looked at the time it was 4 am that’s mean we fuck for 6 hours OMG then we hugged and under covers naked we slept he told next time my pussy will take all his cock but cuz it’s my first and his too we don’t to be rush I told him that we will try and next morning we fucked and he was good like it first but he was right with some more push I took it all and when he was pumping I can hear the noise of his ball hitting my ass now after 2 years we still to gather and we are in a happy married and I can told every body to wait for the right time to have it great just like I am, thank you for reading my story.

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