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The long, hot summer

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: camp
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Friends of the family arranged a summer job for me when I was 16. I didn’t want to work, but my parents thought it would be good for me. It was a day camp for kids ages 8 through 12. Out in the country, the place had farm ponds, a swimming pool, lots of woods and hiking trails, horses, and a big old barn. I was one of about six “counselors” who worked there with the kids during the summer. Most of the counselors, including myself, camped out there during the week, did farm chores in the evenings, and went home on weekends.

Like I said, I would have rather stayed in town with my friends and screwed around with them, chasing girls, and playing basketball. I was a pretty good balll player, not real tall, but well built and strong for my age. I had been into girls since I was 14, always had a girl friend, but hadn’t gotten past making out in the car and some nice hand action. My chronic blue balls always had to be relieved by my own right hand.

The other counselors at camp included two other guys, and three girls. The guys were former campers. One was a fat boy, a senior in high school, who was always eating. The other was a jerk, also a senior, who I think was probably gay. Two of the girls were freshmen and see,ed OK. Arriving the 2nd week of came was Lacey, another friend of the family who had the camp. Lacey was 16 years old like me and was totally beautiful. She was nearly as tall as me, fairly thin with short blond hair and a killer body. From the time I first saw her I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Lacey’s usual camp attire was short-short blue jean cutoffs and a t-shirt. Often she wore only her bikini top during the morning so she was ready for swimming lessons in the afternoon. She was so sexy I kept a near constant hard on while she was in sight. I kept myself as close to her during camp activities as I could, and she seemed to enjoy the little flirting games we played, touching each other, making eye contact and making comments that the kids didn’t catch on to but were our own little dirty jokes.

At the pool, Lacey usually wore her tiny bikini that showed off her body, long legs, beautiful breasts and perfect ass. As much as I enjoyed looking at her, she seemed to like looking at me. Although they were not Speedos, my swim suit was pretty short and fit me tight. I was in really good shape, lean muscles and no fat. By mid summer we both had deep suntans and my hair was bleached out nearly as light as hers. At the pool in the afternoon she always seemed to be near me, and would use me to demonstrate swimming strokes. Usually in the process she’d casually grab my shoulders, squeeze my biceps, even stroke her hands across my chest. Her touch was wonderful very exciting.

Despite our daytime flirting, after the kids went home late in the afternoon, Lacey preferred to go back to the girls counselor’s room, take a book and read, or help the camp owner in the house. I tried to get out alone, or get her out to the pool for an private swim with me but without luck. I was very frustrated and by the end of the day, always very horney. Thinking about Lacey and her beautiful body gave me a giant woody and a need to relieve the tension. Most nights after dark I’d walk out to the pool, strip naked and swim along in the dark. Being naked outside was kind of exciting and I could exercise my fantasy and jack off in the moonlight, thinking about Lacey.

I’d spent the whole summer flirting with Lacey, asking her to be alone with me, suggesting that we go out on our free weekends…everything I could think of. The only thing that kept me from going crazy was my nightly jerk off in the dark at the pool.

The last week of camp was starting. I was tired of constant rejection and by then I had pretty much accepted the fact that Lacey preferred her solitude to my company. Monday after dinner I had finished cutting the grass and was by myself shooting some hoops on the basketball court. Suddenly there’s Lacey, and asks if she can play too. We start shooting around and play some easy one on one. Lacey is a pretty good player and we really start to get into the game. After about an hour we’re both hot and it’s too dark to play any more.

I put the ball away in the shed. In the deep twilight, Lacey came up close to me. She put her hands up under my tank top and pushed them up across my chest. Pausing to lightly finger each nipple she remarked how hot we were. Then she added to the surprise when she said, “Maybe tonight I’ll join you for your late night dip in the pool.”

“How did you know I went swimming at night?” I asked her.

“I went out for a walk one night and thought I heard splashing in the pool and saw you swimming.”

I was getting very turned on my Lacey’s surprising interest in my chest and nipples, and I admitted that I’d go to the pool to skinny dip at night.

“I saw you swimming naked up there many times,” she told me, “and I saw how you like to have fun too.”

Oh my gosh, she watched me jerking off! Suddenly my throbbing woodie started to melt as I wondered why she was telling me this. At the same time she was massaging my chest and pulling even closer to me.

I mumbled something like, “Well, sometimes a guy has to relieve the tension.”

Lacey said, “We’re both so hot and sweaty, lets take a swim.” She put her arm around my bare waist and we walked, then ran out to the pool.

I wasn’t quite sure what she had in mind so I pulled off my tank top and dove in. I came up and turned around to see Lacy in the very dim light. She was stripped down to nothing and dove in behind me. She came up and held on to my shoulders and said, “I thought it was skinny dipping here at night.”

This is it! What I’ve been waiting for all summer. I quickly pulled off my shorts and flung them over to the side of the pool and swam back to her. It was so dark neither of us could see much, but I could certainly feel everything I’d fantisized about for weeks.

Lacey went to the shallow end where the side steps came down from the deck. I came up beside her and took her into my arms and we kissed a deep and passionate kiss. Our hands moved slowly over each other. Her body felt warm, firm, and very smooth. Her leg moved up and down against me, pushing against my rock hard cock several times. It was the greatest feeling I had ever had in my life.

Suddenly the moon came out from behind a cloud and our naked bodies lit up like glowing neon. “We better go somewhere more private,” she suggested.

Because we both shared a sleeping room with the other counselors we couldn’t go there. We grabbed our clothes and some towels off the fence and headed out to the barn. My pants were still wet from the pool so I went bare ass with a towel over my shoulder. Lacey wrapped a towel around her waist, and took my hand pulling me along with those beautiful large breasts bouncing in front of us as we moved quickly, using the trees and ground cover to screen us from sight.

We ran up the bank to the upper level of the barn and went in, quitely closing the door behind us. Security lights inside provided a dim amber glow that made our golden tanned bodies look even darker. I stared at Lacey as she dropped the towel around her waist and used it to rub her hair dry. The sight of hear beautiful body standing an arms length away from me prompted my cock to jump to attention.

Lacey, I don’t know…I mean, why…what”. All I could do was stammer as she moved slowly to me, took my face in her hands and kissed me.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all summer but promised myself I wouldn’t…couldn’t…get hurt again.”

So that as it…she was coming off a breakup and didn’t want another boyfriend. “Well I’ve been wanting to do this all summer and, as you’ve seen, have been going crazy because you didn’t seem interested.”

“I realized that with one week of camp to go, I might not see you again,” Lacey said. “I’ve been telling you no for so long, I didn’t know what you would think about me if I suddenly said yes.”

With that out of the way, we embrassed again. My hard cock ground against her pussy mound. With my hands on her ass I pulled her tighter against me. She arched her back which raised her creamy white tits right into my face. In the dim light I saw the nipples were darker and growing firmer. I stroked each breast and cupped them in my hand, tasting the nipples that were now hard against my tongue.

“Have you ever done this before?” she asked me. I admitted that we were already way beyond any experience I’d had. In spite of my overwhelming desire to ram my cock into her blond twat, I did manage to ask her, “How about you, is this what you want to do?”

Lacey said that a few months ago she’d been hurt very bad by her ex boyfriend. She said that I’d been so patient and nice to her, not putting on pressure, that she was ready to move on and that she wanted nothing else but to make love to me. She said she’d been on the pill for a year and we didn’t have to worry about pregnancy.

With that out of the way, my excitement was at full throttle. We moved over to the new hay bales stacked in the middle of the barn floor. I spread out the beach towels we’d brought with us and we laid down together. Now she really began a complete and total body massage, using her hands and tongue in ways I didn’t think possible.

She straddled my waist, giving me a very up close look at her dripping wet pussy. The neatly trimmed pubic hair was a blond as that on her head. The glistening dampness started to spread across my stomach as she slowly moved her hips across me. I worked on her beautiful full breasts and nipples. She worked on my nipples as well with her fingers, before bending down to finish with her tongue.

She kissed her way down from my chest, across my belly and teasingly nuzzled the inside of my thighs. With the hard nipples and breasts brushing back and forth across my legs, she lightly kissed the throbbing shaft and head of my cock, then took it firmly in her warm hand. That’s all it took for me to immediately begin shooting cum with a force that was amazing. I must have pumped out five or six gobs of cum that coated her hand and my chest and belly.

I was gasping and panting as this monster orgasm passed. Lacey took my cum and used it to coat my softening cock and balls, massaging my parts slowly and firmly. Within a few minutes I was going hard again and I moved on top of her.

As she lay back, Lacey look up at me and smiled a sweet smile. I felt not only lust, but suddenly a feeling of love and gratitude for this girl who’d decided to trust me body and soul. I wanted to kiss every inch of her body, and I started with her feet, stroking, massaging and kissing my way up her long legs to her sopping wet pussy. I could smell my own cum mingled with her musty pussy juices. I knew girls like to have their cunts licked, but was not sure just how it was to be done. I made a few flips with my tongue between her pussy lips which made her hips rise up and she gasped, “Oh my God!”

Must be on the right track I thought, but she pulled me up by my shoulders and spread her legs wide. “I want you buried deep inside me” she ordered. Continuing my licking massage I moved up across her belly and pushed her quivering breasts against both sides of my face.

Now, the moment of truth had come. I was about to lose my virginity with Lacey, but still had to ask for some help. “Put me in” I suggested. I raised up with my arms so that Lacey could reach down and grab the head of my cock and guide it to the lips of her hot pussy. Again she told me she wanted me to fill her up with my cock.

Feeling meself at the opening of her pussy, I pushed right in, amazed by the warmth and silky smoothness, although she was very tight and very firm around my cock.

She gasped as I plunged into her, then laid back and put her hands on my hardened ass and pushed me even tighter against her. After getting past the initial feeling of entering her hot pussy, I started a slow pumping in and out. The feeling of a second powerful orgasm was already starting. Even before I realized that I was about ready to shoot off again, Lacey grabbed my ass muscles tight and moaned and gasped as she had a tremendous orgasm. That’s all it took for me to shoot another pulsing load of cum, this time deep inside her hot twat. I pushed and pushed and pushed as I felt her pussy actually grabbing my cock tighter and tighter with each motion in and out. It was amazing.

The process had made us both rather exhausted and we laid together, naked on the hay, for about an hour. We talked and kissed, and talked some more. I slowely grew hard again, not because she was doing anything other than lying there very beautiful and very naked.

It was still early in the evening…just a couple of hours past dark. We got up and walked out to the barn door, then out into the moonlight. There was just enough light to see each other and see the meadow and trees in the woods.

Feeling daring and enjoying the still warm night air on our bare bodies, we walked toward the woods, wondering if anybody could see our chaulky white asses in the moon light. We just acted kind of silly, being naked and naughty together, grabbing each others ass, kissing and rubbing nipples and stroking pussy and cock until we were both hot to go at it again.

In the high grass, I pulled Lacey down on top of me. I fingered her still juicy cunt, causing her to gasp and moan all over again. I really teased her good this time. She straddled me again, this time with her back to me. Raising her hips, she pushed my throbbing cock against her dripping wet pussy coating it again with her juices, then dropped her pussy down over my pole. She used that vantage point to jiggle my balls hanging down under my cock buried inside her.

My hands were itching to do something, so I pulled her down against me, her back flat against my chest. She threw her arms back around my head, which stretched her beautiful breasts tight. I stroked up and down those firm mounds and hard nipples. I could feel her ribs as her breathing increased and belly rose and fell. Stroking her breasts with one hand, my other pushed down across her belly to the narrow strip of pussy hair. It was sopping wet and let me slip a finger in alongside my cock. The combination was a real tight fit, but that finger must have landed right on her clit and sent her into another powerful orgasm. I was so amazed and entertained my this wonderful position and the feel of her body in my hands and against my body that my own cumming was delayed.

I nibbled on her ear and resumed my work massaging the bulk of her breasts. “Your cock feels wonderful inside me,” she said out loud. I was so happy, I said, “Well you should feel it from my end”.

With that she angeled her ass back down against my hips, driving my cock in even deeper. I asked her to keep doing that and she obliged, moving in rhythm with me, the length of my cock moving out to the head, then in deep until my balls bounced against her. She even reached around and massaged my balls while pumping with me in and out. Before long I’d had my third monster spurt of the evening.

Realizing that our evening was going to have to come to and end soon, we scampered back to the barn where we put on our still damp clothes and walked quietly back toward the house. Lacey slipped into her room first, then I followed a few minuites later to my room.

For the rest of the week we repeated the night’s activity, getting out of the house after dark, fucking in the pool, in the barn, in the woods, sometimes all three places in the same evening. By the end of the week we were in love and regretted that it had taken us all summer to get together for our frolicks in the barn.

We tried to see each other after school started in the fall, but we were about 40 miles apart in different schools. I realized that my love for Lacey was really lust for her beautiful body. She gave me a large dose of self confidence and experiences that I’ll never forget. After all these years, I’ve still never been with a woman who delivered as much sexual satisfaction for me as her body advertised. Lacey, you were the best.

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