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The lady nextdoor

Where it happened: In my neighbours house
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was only s old. I was walking in the street with my mother one day when my nexdoor neighbour called to my mother. Her name was Lee-anne. She was a slim looking women, child bearing hips and big breasts. They were very good friends. She asked my mother if I could help with something in her garden since her husband and her had been to the nursery the other day. The garden i had and the one she had in our minds were two totally different things. My mother agreed. I went nextdoor and she let me in. She was wearing a nightie. Her husband was at work. She told me to have a seat in the lounge. When she came back she was in her bra and panties. Her panty was a red lace one with a matching bra. She then invited me into her jacuzzi. I was and so I did what i was told. When we were near the jacuzzi she began taking of her bra. Then she followed with her panty. I could see she wasn`t ashamed to produce her goods. And what goods they were. By that time my penis was rock hard. She told me to take all my clothes off. Then she saw my penis standing up. She got into the jacuzzi. She told me to get in. When I was in she grabbed my penis. She began sucking and it felt like my penis was caught in a hoover. After that we cuddled a bit and then she began to wash my penis and balls. She then handed me the sponge and told me to do the same for her. Her body glowed with light as I put the sponge all over her vagina and breasts. I could see her nipples were getting hard. She was moaning in such a discreet manner. She then got out and headed for the bedroom. I was still in the jacuzzi. She came back in a robe. She then threw me the towel and told me to follow her. I followed her into the bedroom in just a towel. She then took her robe off. She told me to get on the bed. She then came over me. My penis was still rock hard . She took my penis and put it in her. She then asked me to suck her breasts. Before I knew it we were having sex. It was my first time. She was moaning and jumping. She started to go faster and faster. She was riding me like a wild horse. The type of sensations i felt are undescribible. She began to bleed . Before I knew it the bed sheet was full of her blood. She told me she was having her period. She then reached orgasm. She was screaming. I was at the beginning of ejaculation. I told her I had to get out. She would not listen, she went faster and faster. She was heavier than me. She told me she would not get off. I could not hold it any longer. I ejaculated. She was moaning as I ejaculated. She then took my hand and placed it between her vagina and tummy. She said ‘Can you feel them swimming?, they are in me and so are you’. I had know idea what she meant. She then removed herself from my now soft penis. She went to the bathroom. I waited half an hour before she came back. She came out with a smile on her face.
She then took me to the shower where we showered together.
She started bleeding a bit in the shower. She washed my genitals and gave me another blow job. I started to suck her pussy. Juice was coming out of it. We then cuddled and touched each other in the shower.When we got out I got dressed. She was still in the nude. Before I went she gave me a cheque for $300 made out in cash. I went home. The next day I saw her, she pretended nothing happened. I wondered if she had my baby. s later she did have one. I think it was from her husband. That was my first time with an extraordinary women. She had experience, boy did she have it. The one thing I could never forget is the way her body shined when wet. The effect of her silky skin.

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