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The Initation

Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: sorority member's mother's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I had just started my freshmen year of college(unnamed campus)and was bogged down by my new experiene.But I wanted to be involved in it all. They say college is the best time in your life. Anyways I went to a thing at the cafeteria one day where all the sororities and fraternities try to get new members. I looked at all of them but on I really liked. They had a greek name but just called themselves C.R.O.N.E.S(Creative Researchers of New Experiences)little did I know how true this was. I signed up a little nervous having heard hazing stories but what the hell. One of them told me if I was selected to try out I would be notified.

One night about two weeks later I was in my dorm room studying, my roommate was not there right then. I heard a knock on my door and thinking it was Sonya(my roommate) unlocked the door. It turned out to be Denise the leader of the C.R.O.N.E.S. I asked her in and she said I had been excepted and that all the trainees were being taken out tonight before hell week started. I was nervous but tired form studying so I said sure.

Denise’s mom lived about three bocks from campus so we walked to her house. Mom was not home. Denise told me that I and four other girls had been brought here tonight for initiation. Obviously seeing the fear in my eyes she said,”We’re not going to hurt ya, Come on.”

I asked where the other girls were and she said each girl was being taken to a different room. I just followed her and was led to “my room”.

When I got there two other members were there(each girl was given three members–large sorority). I saw a table in the middle of the room and all the other furniture had been moved away to the outer edges of the room.

I was told to sit on the table and face Denise. She told me not to say a word until I was told to. She and Gabby and Kate(the other two)then stood in front of me. Gabby reached my shirt and unbuttoned it all the way down. I was becoming scared. But I sat still, obeying.

She took off my shirt. Kate then told me to lay on the table. She took off my jeans and underwear, while De3inise removed my bra. Here I was in a room withe three women totally naked. Denise grabbed my arms and pulled them over my head securing them to the table with lots of ducktape. Kate and Gabby did the same to my legs but had them spread open wide. By this time I wanted to scream but no sound would come out of my mouth.

Denise brought over a nail file and started to draw on my stomach and in a perverse way I stopped being afraid and enjoyed it. Kate got on my right side, Gabby on my left and then Kate knelt down so her face was at level with my tit, Gabby did the same.

Kate began licking in circles around my areola and Gabby was dong the same on the other tit. I started shivering trying not to make a sound. Wanting to let go of my inhabitions and cry out loudly.

Soon I felt something wonderful. Denise has very long fingernails and all of the sudden I felt ten long nails dancing between my legs. I felt them tickle up and down my clit. Then I felt her long tongue going over it slowly up and down. Now I am not gay but this was killing me these three women all over me and me helpless to stop them or join them.

I felt Denise part my labia and her tongue dive into my swollen clit. I began bucking my hips up. She cam up and told the other girls that she thought I was a virgin and that this would be extra fun. She slid her long finger up inside me and started to moving her finger in a come here motion. I lost it then and yelled but they told me that was good scream, enjoy my self.

She pulled out and the girls got off and they went over to the corner to a large chest of drawers. They opened a drawer and each took something out but I couldnt see out of the corner of my eye.

Kate came back and attached some kind of toy to my tall, hard nipple it had long cords, soft nipple clamps and some kind of box at the end. Gabby had gottne some kind of oil ans was taking her shirt off. She rubbed this red oil on her tits and played with her nipples making them hard. Denise’s was a surprise.

Kate had this thing attached to my nipples she turned it on and it began to hum and massage my nipple, I cryed an shook Oh my god I liked this Im bad.

Gabby positioned her self over me her tits dripping red. She put a nipple in my mouth and told me to suck. It was strawberry syrup and I kinda liked this taste nipples and strawberries.

I was going nuts and then I felt it. Denise had a dildo. She told the girls to keep me still. They stopped what they were doing and held me down in addition to the tape.
Denise rared back and shoved the whole thing in and broke my hymen I screamed, It hurt.

She took it out and replaced it with a vibrator while Gabby cuddled my head with hter breasts and Kate licked my down de-toyed nipples.

Needless to say I was accepted. I have been in a year and tommorrow night I get to help in an initiation. I can hardly wait.

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