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The Hitch-Hikers

Where it happened: Car
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Category: Straight

Hi everyone, this is a true story that
happened last October.

I was driving home from an office party
when I saw two girls hitch hiking. I
stopped, and I asked them where they
were heading and it out actually pretty
close to where I was going (they were really
cute so I was prepared to take them where they wanted).
They talked about many things as we drove
including there friend who was getting lucky
that night.

I dropped one of the girls off, then
we continued to the other girls place (I took
them to their home because it was late and it
was raning hard). I asked the her about her
friend she talked about, and she said
that her friend met a guy at this party, and
they ended up in one of the bedrooms doing each other.

We continued to this girls place (she was telling
all about this party). We pulled up near her place,
then to my surprise she asked if I would like a
blow-job. I said sure, and then she leaned over
and undid my pants. She dropped her head into
my lap, and then I felt her licking and sucking me.
While she was busy I took my hand and slide it
under her so I could rub her breasts over her
shirt. Things built up real quickly, so I told
her I was going to cum. As I came she let go
all over her face, and hand. I settle back in
the seat, and she pulled out a kleanex from her
purse and wipped off her face.

I did up my pants, then she asked if I would
like to come in for more fun. I said sure again,
but she told me to wait about 10 min then
come around back to the basement door. She
told me she had to make sure her parents were
asleep (I started wondering how young she was
but didn’t care too much).

After 10 min I went around back, and she was
at the basement door wearing a oversized
night shirt and barefeet. She let me in and
showed me a spare bedroom with a mattress on
the floor and a table. I took off my wet jacket
and shoes, and we stood there necking. We both
moved over and sat on the bed. She helped me
remove my pants, socks, shirt, and underwear.
I asked her if her parents were asleep, and
she said they were and that they won’t hear us.
I grabbed her nightshirt and pulled up over her
head, and started sucking her nipples. At the same
time she was rubbing me erection with both her
hands. I leaned her back, openned her legs, and
started eating her out. She was pretty quiet, but
I could feel her hold on me getting tighter and
tighter and her legs were moving around as I moved
my finger in and out of her. I moved up on her a
guided myself into her (it took a little time, but
it was well worth it).

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