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the Garden City Tent Incident

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: In a tent
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

One night I was home watching porn, (Passion Cove on Cinemax)and I decided to go to sleep cause it was around 2. I go upstairs and look out my window and see a tent in the backyard of my neighbor’s house. My neighbor and her friends are the ones you want to go out with in our school, really fucking hot. Anyways, so I the tent and I saw bodies, so I figured, o, what the hell. It was the summer and I had nothing to do the next day. I climbed out the window, walked out on the roof and jumped about ten feet to the ground and walked over. As I got closer I saw body outlines and heard giggles. I peeked in the tent and it was my neighbor and her six friends all lighly kissing and feeling each other up. They saw me, and I could tell they were a bit wasted, and then the one with the biggest tits, (Lauren) signaled for me. I went in and the hottest on pulled my shirt off. I have a semi 6-pac so I wasn’t too embarrased and the hottest one, Danielle, strattled me and carresed my dick. Then the second hottest one, MK, sat over my head completely nakid and while I at her out, she lightly kissed Danielle. My neighbor and Lauren then started to finger on another. When MK moved off my head. Danielle moved up and started to kiss me. She was straddeling my stomach now as MK started to give me a blow job. This went on until I cummed about 5 seconds after MK started to blow me. It was a huge load and she swallowed it in one gulp. And then she kept on blowing. Luckily I hadn’t jerked off in a week before the porn so I had plently left. Then MK and another girl then got off and got in a threesome with my neighbor and Lauren. At this time, Danielle moved down and while I lightly kissed her, she slid a condom over my dick. I knew my time was now. Danielle started to fuck me and I tried to hold it but the sensation was too good and I cummed. We all stopped then and got our clothes back on, but then Amanda said we should go in her pool so we all got in the pool and started to strip and go skinny dipping. We began to do it all over again until dawn came, and I woke up in her backyard, with my mom and her mom over my head…

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